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How To Start A Miniature Fairy Garden?

Isn’t it fascinating to enter a colorful world of flowers, and a miniature fairy garden, playing soft music in the background

Miniature Plants Available In India

Miniature plants are the dwarf variety of plants that are decorated as ornamental plants. It is a very popular variety in indoor gardens.

Best 5 edible flowers to grow at your home.

Have you ever wondered that, besides gifting your loved one flowers, you can make use of that flower in dressing salads and desserts? The term “edible flower’ is fascinating, right?  So, we will guide you to grow edible flowers in your garden.  The List Of Edible Flower Roses- An Edible Flower With Fragrance The rose […]

Best 5 tips to fight with pests.

Your beautiful garden can be attacked by pests, but the good news is the plants can be prevented and fight the pests.