How to germinate papaya seeds/ plants in India?

Papaya fruit is a versatile fruit whose root, fruit, stem, etc. any part can be used. Not only Papaya but you can also call it PAWPAW, PAPAW. The scientific name of the papaya fruit is Carisa Papaya. The fruit helps to cure several diseases. It contains a chemical substance called papain and it helps to […]

Top 5 Gardening Hacks

Gardeners are very passionate about every trivia which is related to gardening. Here is some gardening hack.

How to grow herbs at your home?

Herbs cultivation is easy process if you invest your hope along with care and responsibility.

How to make compost at home?

When you think of gardening, everything you want should be connected with nature

Three fresh zucchinis kept on a wooden table

How to Grow Zucchini seeds/ plants in India?

Zucchini is also called “Turai”. Zucchini is a summer vegetables which grows on vine and belongs to cucumber and by cucumber we can easily identify it’s richness in food quality. Mainly zucchini grows in remote areas or in open field because it need authentic rich amended natural compost soil. Benefits if Zucchini It helps to […]

Passionate Gardener- Rizwana Mundewadi

Passionate Gardener- Rizwana Mundewadi Some love stories never end! Once a passionate gardener is always a gardener! My soul longs for the fragrances, flowers, fresh energy. I surrounded by plants and flowers to keep my energy going. Being passionate gardener Gardening brought blessings from earth and that led me to do Reiki. Passion and sincerity […]

How gardening is a stress buster?

Gardening is always been proved as stress buster because connecting with nature is never gonna be harmful but it always gives us the precious gift of happiness.