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Gardening Talks ft. organicvibes4you

Gardening Talks ft. organicvibes4you Some plants give us food some flowers and some medicines. The most common medicinal plant that we find in most homes since ancient times is tulsi. This plant is grown for medicinal or religious purposes. We are going to answer some basic questions about the tulsi plant, so join us live […]

Gardening Talks ft. the.plant_doc

Gardening Talks ft. the.plant_doc The best part of gardening is growing your own food at home organically and relishing it. So the question arises “how to start?”. If you are keen to grow your food and have a lot of questions on how and when to grow, then join us over the weekend to get […]

Gardening Talks Ft. magic_of_green

Gardening Talks Ft. magic_of_green It’s always a bliss to have a lot of greens around us. The color green has a calming and relaxing effect on our souls. When creating a green patch for our homes a gardener usually has many questions related to plants. So, we have brought for you a series of frequently […]

Garage Gardening Workshop (Gardening 101)

Garage Gardening Workshop (Gardening 101) Failed with gardening or never got your hands dirty, time for you to hop on the green wagon. Join our garage gardening workshop and learn the tips and tricks of gardening at home. Itinerary: 1. Reach sharp at 6 pm2. 6.00 – 6:15 pm basics of seeds, pots soils3. 6:15 […]

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