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Best 5 tips to fight with pests.

Best 5 tips to fight with pests

Your beautiful garden can be attacked by pests, but the good news is the plants can be prevented and fight the pests. The chemicals must be avoided when choosing a pesticide for your plant. So in this article, we will discuss some of the home remedies to protect the plants from pests.

The Different Types Of Pests That Attack The Plants Are:

1. Caterpillar

With very few exceptions, caterpillars are rarely welcome in gardens. They are the larvae of moths and butterflies, but they can cause problems for your plants. These bugs eat the fruits and vegetables in your garden.

2. White Fly

The whitefly secret the honeydew on the leaves, fruits, and stems due to which the white molds appear.

3. Vine Weevil

Vine weevils are destructive garden beetles that feed on plants during whole of their life cycle.

4. Slugs & Snails

They are common in every garden. Snails and slugs feed on the vegetables during evening till dawn. They don’t exist singularly.

5. Aphids

The green, white, and black are known as plant lice. As the aphids and ants burrow the soil of the root destroys the plant.

6. Chafers

The chafer feeds on the tender shoots and periphery of the leaves. They also cut the roots of grasses and plants and may cause total defoliation.

7. Capsid Bugs

Generally, capsid species are a natural part of Gardens. Some of them attack the new leaves and soft new stems. They feed on the plant sap of flower buds or shoot tips.

So, these are some of the common pests that destroy plants. But we can prevent these pests by using home remedies.

What Are The Different Types Of Home Remedies To Fight The Pests?

  1. Neem Paste

    Soak the 1kg of neem leaves in 5 liters of water for about 12 hours or overnight. Make a paste and extract the juice. Spray it on the bugs.

2. Soap Water

Take 10 grams of non-detergent soap or washing soda. Mix it with water and spray on the pests. 

3. Custard Apple Seed Powder

Utilize the powder dry and sprinkle on the soil or make a paste and apply it on the stems and leaves. 

4. Tobacco Extract

Take 100 grams of tobacco, and soak it in 4 liters of water. Make a paste and extract the juice. Sprinkle or spray the extract in the pesticides. But avoid using this spray on tomato, brinjal, chili, and capsicum.

5. Chili Garlic Extract

Mix chilies and garlic cloves in equal proportion. Boil it in water and keep it for two days. Strain this and use it as a spray

There are many organic pesticides available online. So, use these organic steps to make your garden pest-free and healthy.

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Happy gardening!


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