How to reuse plastic bottles for plants as planters

How to reuse plastic bottles for plants as planter?

Plastic wastage is increasing inland and on sea surfaces making the environment harmful. It’s our responsibility to make this planet greener. So, it’s a great option to reuse plastic containers or bottles as planters. All you need to do is put a little effort into making something useful. In the article, we will guide you step by step and various ways to reuse the plastic containers in your garden.

Steps to reuse the plastic containers:

  1. Cut the bottle with the help of scissors from the middle, making it half. 
  2. Both sides can be used as a planter.
  3. Make tiny holes in the bottom with the help of scissors for the drainage system.
  4. Color it using a paintbrush. Let it dry. Plastic tapes can also be used for decoration.
  5. Add pebbles (optional).
  6. Add the potting mix to the planter. Or if using soil make sure to add organic fertilizer, composts, and vegetable peels or banana peels.
  7. Sow the seed or plant the sapling in the planter.
  8. Make sure to water it as per the requirements.
  9. Find a place for the planter or hang it on the wall. 

What type of plants to grow in plastic bottle planters?

  1. Herbs can be easily planted in plastic planters. Hang the planters in the kitchen window or as per your choice.
  2. Make a vertical garden with green vegetables.
  3. To make the house more colorful, plant flowers and hang them or can attach the planters to the wall.
  4. Succulents look beautiful in these small little plastic planters. Place the planters in your study or work table to give aesthetic vibes.
  5. Another way is to cut the bottle in half, take the bottom part and make tiny holes in the bottom. Sow the seeds and cover them with the top portion of the bottle. Let the seeds sprout. Then transplant them in large plastic container planters.

So, try these small house décor ideas to make the house more green and colorful.

Other uses of plastic bottles and containers in gardening:

  1. Water sprinkler-

Make holes in the cap of the bottle. Fill the bottle with water. And the sprinkler is ready. Water the seeds and plants with the help of this. Large plastic cans can also be used.

  1. Lawn sprinkler-

Make many tiny holes on one side of the bottle. Attach it with the garden hose. Fill it with water. Due to the water pressure, the water will flow like a fountain.

  1. Plant protector-

Cut the bottle. Use both the parts of the bottle to cover and protect your plant from heat, wind, and insects. Also, plastic bottles can be used to make a fence.

  1. Decoration-

The plastic bottles can be used to make bees, beetles, and other cute shapes to put in your garden for making it brighter, happy, and colorful. Gardening light can also be made with the plastic bottle by putting a bulb and coloring the bottle.

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Happy Gardening!!

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