How to do waste management

How to do Waste Management?

Gardens have served as spots to develop plants as well as space for individuals to unwind, to focus and to interface with nature. But the main problem arises when waste comes out from them. Every gardener should know the proper management of this waste. Waste management can be done by followings 3R’s i.e., Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. So, what are the things that can be done for the waste that comes out from your garden?


  1. Making compost out of garden waste is an ideal way to decompose the waste. 
  2. Composting is a process of collecting all the green or organic matter, putting them in a container or pile up and allowing them to decompose in the form of soil. 
  3. Once the compost is ready you can use it as fertilizer or for mulching the plants. 
  4. You can make your own compositing site if your garden is sizeable or can donate waste to local recycling dumps.

Recycling pots

  1. You can use part of broken pots from your garden as water and grain containers for birds. Do some creative drawings on them so that it attracts birds. 
  2. Use broken glass pots as a fence to your garden which will protect it from animals to enter.

Using flowers properly

To make garden beautiful many of us add flowers to our garden. But if not used properly, they produce huge waste in the garden. Here are some tips to use these flowers in efficient way

  1. Many of the flowers such as rose, lavender, Jasmine, lilies can be used to make perfumes, essential oils, etc.
  2. Many flowers have antibiotics and anti-bacterial properties which make them more useful in medical sector like hibiscus, rose, nasturtiums, etc.
  3. As many of the flowers are edible you can make some food items from them as – from rose you can make “Gul Kanda”.

All this will lead to extract less waste from your garden.


  1. You can burn dried organic waste of your garden and collect ashes, which you can use as compost. 
  2. But be careful as there are some rules and regulation for burning yards. Even this is not a great solution for waste management as there is direct relation of climatic changes with this method. 
  3. During rainy season this method cannot be performed as the organic matter will not dry up easily.

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Happy Gardening!!

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