How to do waste management

Amazing transformation

Amazing transformation

Whenever we speak about waste, generally we prioritize by throwing the garbage away. But recycling is indeed best and useful way to live with the idea of “waste management” And “sustainable development “.

Here we are sharing some amazing ideas yo transform your waste into aesthetic and useful planting pots.

Plastic bottles for waste management

Usually we have dozens of plastic bottles at our native or living places collected through different means but at the end of the we simply throw them in waste material.

Here are some ideas to reuse them :

  • Cutting these bottles into two parts and then collect the lower part for germination of the seed. You can make a alignment as shown in the above picture.
  • These bottles can be transformed into watering gadget also.
  • You can use them as other tools such as storage unit for manure and seeds.

Fabric for waste management

Sometimes we have extra clothes as nothing but consuming the space . Generally we have old clothes or some clothes with major damages.

You can easily convert these fabric into amazing an aesthetic plant holders.

Through the above picture, it is coherent that you can use fabric in these ways.

There are some other shapes which you can follow such as

  • Make them as sacks .
  • You can use them as pot cover to provide an aesthetic look.
  • Place the piece of fabric beneath the pot so that stains can be avoidable.

Other items which you can also use as gardening equipment from waste materials.


A list of other items which you can add to your garden to give it alluring view .

You can use rope to hold plant holders supporting walls,to tie up and provide support to vine climbers,to convert simple pot into decorative pot.
Whenever you remove yellow or dead leaves,a flower. Don't throw them but along with producing compost from them you can also reserve them by simply making them dry up then reserve them as vintage.

Also you can take help and ideas from the Instagram pages or blogs.

Here is the given link of some amazing pages

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