Sheetal Chaudhary: Who Believes in Budget Gardening

Sheetal Chaudhary: Who Believes in Budget Gardening

If you are looking for some inspiration and guidance on how to create a beautiful and bountiful garden without spending a fortune, you should check out Sheetal Chaudhary’s YouTube channel, प्रकृति Love

Sheetal is a passionate gardener who believes in low-budget gardening and encourages her viewers to do the same through her videos. 

She shares gardening tips, plant propagation tips, creative garden decor ideas, DIYs, and other organic stuff related to gardening.

Sheetal has a stunning terrace garden that is always blooming with flowers of various colors and sizes all year round. She grows a variety of plants from cuttings, seeds, and bulbs, and shows how to care for them in different seasons. 

Some of her popular videos are:

Make DIY Stuff from Waste Material:


In this video, she shows how she uses her creativity to turn old buckets, tubs, stools, shoes, used clay pots, and trays, into beautiful planters, stands, and trellis.

Grow Permanent Plants from Cuttings in September and October: 

In this video, she gives tips on how to grow plants such as pothos, devil’s backbone, purple heart, Syngonium, tangle heart, and more from cuttings in these months.

20+ Plants to Grow from Cuttings in January and February:

 In this video, she shows how she propagates her cutting in river sand and grows plants such as Verbena, Dianthus, Begonia, Carnation, Impatiens, Geranium, and more.

Grow Indoor Plants from Cuttings: 

In this video, she shows how to grow indoor plants such as Ficus, Lucky Bamboo, Song of India, Dracaena, Aglaonema, and more from cuttings.

30+ Permanent Plants to Grow from Cuttings in Rainy Season: 

In this video, she shows how to grow plants such as Turtle Vine, Bolivian Jew, Wandering Jew, Tangle Heart, pothos, and more from cuttings in the rainy season.

  • She also has videos on how to grow more flowers on plants such as marigolds, Parijat, petunia, jasmine, and rose.
  • How to collect seeds from plants such as petunia and asparagus. 
  • Sheetal gives regular updates on her plants in her garden overviews.
  • She also makes detailed videos on local nursery tours for the benefit of her viewers.

Sheetal’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information and inspiration for anyone who loves gardening and wants to do it on a budget. 

If you want to learn more about Sheetal Chaudhary and her low-budget gardening secrets, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel at (619) प्रकृति Love – YouTube and follow her on Instagram at (@sheetalchaudhary809) • Instagram photos and videos

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Happy Gardening!

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