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To attain sanity, first of all you should connected with nature but today’s modern world is full of hustle and rush. We don’t have time for ourselves; we are too much invested in flaunt and vanity and it’s arduous to focus on self. At the end of the day, all we crave for peace and self love.

Well! To get rid of arid and tedious life, once in a while we try to visit nature and absorb some peace and tranquility but now it’s not even possible because of busy schedule.

But as we all know that everything has a alternative way and gardening is the way to make your own nature and you don’t need a vacation to visit.


Gardening seems like hobby for leisure but indeed it has tendency to enhance the health through nature and authenticity and apart from all this stuff the process is exhilarating because you go through different stages ; seeding, sprouts, plants, fruits and as sum of all stages you finally get the sense of achievement.

About Garden Up

Garden up is the YouTube channel which is all about gardening.

The person behind the chanel is “Ekta”. Ekta a Mumbai city citizen was the researcher but later on turned into an entrepreneur. In 2017 , while pursuing her graduation, she started planting in her hostel room and since 2017 she is working as a gardener and now owns a businesses.

According to her -:

Garden Up is the sum total of finding that balance,my contribution a silent yet powerful green revolution that is taking place.

Her revolution is all about connection with nature and to build up a contrivance which is about organic lifestyle.

Her Contribution In Garden up

She started her career with a small initiative step but in today’s time she has well rooted business.

  • Perpetually she uploads video about gardening : How to take care of your plants, compost and fertilizer,types of plants ,home decorative items etc….
  • She has started workshops for amateur gardeners as well as for learning enthusiastic people.
  • She also has a online store of home decors and all the items related to gardening.

Recently, during the occasion of her wedding; instead of giving unlike gifts , she and her family decided to gives plants as gifts. This was one of her popular blog. Her work in the field of art and gardening is mesmerising.

Here are the few given links of her Videos and her page .

Here is also the link for another online store for different variety and gardening seeds, tools and equipment…

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