A Gardening Experience- Kunjal Patel

A Gardening Experience- Kunjal Patel

Hello gardeners,

I started my gardening during the lockdown. I took help from videos and articles where people spoke and shared their experiences to get rid of anxiety and anger by doing gardening. So, for the last three years, I am pursuing my studies in environmental science, so I am very connected to nature.

And as in my experience, nature heals everything. According to my belief, we should conserve nature and natural resources by gaining sustainable life.

So, one fine day I started by growing Tulsi seeds, Aparajita seeds, and Pudina. In one month I got enticing results and I always examined them, then I believed and felt that it is the best healing exercise. After that, I kept my eye on creating a garden where I could grow flowering plants. So I choose to grow hibiscus, roses, portulaca, marigold, and jasmine. My inner self has started feeling happy all the time. 

When you keep plants and take care of them one feels special and on another hand, it keeps your mind refreshed.

A gardening experience in my kitchen garden

The flowers brought colors and fragrance to my life which was somewhere absent in my life. Then I started getting interested in urban gardening so I read the scientific reasons for gardening. So, urban gardening and particularly kitchen gardens is a beneficial thing for our surroundings. 

So, after that, the benefits of the kitchen garden inspired me to grow veggies. And during my journey of being a Gardener, my grandmother taught me a lot about plants and gardening. So I started with methi (Fenugreek). Me Growing methi at my home in a container inspired my neighbors and my friends to grow their methi at home which was as an environmentalist a proud thing.

Then gradually I grew methi, coriander, onion, garlic, potato, bitter gourd, and tomatoes.

During this entire journey, I also took part in a contest called “best urban gardener arranged by TAOS. It has helped me to boost my confidence. 

The gardening experience and process taught me that each day a new leaf grows and the old one falls. So, we should never get upset about our failures as each day brings new opportunities. And the main and most importantly I learned patience. Gardening taught me patience, confidence, expertise, inner silence, and happy life. 

Happy Gardening!


  1. Gayatri Ramesh

    This is very inspiring

  2. Manish Mahesh

    Indeed lockdown brings a gardener out

  3. Shristi Tripati

    I’m really looking forward to start kitchen garden

  4. Ritu Tewary

    Helpful info. Great job!

  5. The purest representation of human pleasures and happiness.

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