My Love for Gardening- Sonali Dudwe

My Love for Gardening- Sonali Dudwe

Hello myself Sonali Dudwe,

My love for gardening is eternal I started my journey as gardening 5-6 years and now it’s my happy place. I am a married woman and a person who loves aesthetic surroundings and by the end of the day, my only desire is to have fresh surroundings.
I love gardening so much, I love to have different varieties of plants like herbs, flowers, and even vegetables. I also love to have different types of pots but along with working, it’s difficult to take care of plants on a daily basis so providing a good amount of fertilizer is necessary for long-term maintenance. My entire family always appreciate my work and also they support me a lot. Sometimes due to unlike work if I get stuck then they all take care of me very well which is enough and an unlike form of love.

Few days before I had purchased a few seeds from “The affordable organic store“. Though the seeds haven’t germinated yet I am guessing for positive results. I also participated in the contest that was also arranged by TAOS called “best urban gardener” and it really helped me to boost my confidence. Hoping best in the future also. It’s difficult to manage at the beginning but once you get habitual of it, you will do it with more passion also having different varieties will give you different experiences and knowledge about different species.
It also provides fresh surroundings and if you have some issues like anxiety and depression then being a gardener I must recommend you. It’s the natural and best therapy ever.

Hope you love it.

Also here I am sharing my recommendation to purchase seeds from The Affordable Organic Store.

Keep loving, and keep gardening. Consequently, no worries and no tension.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Joel John

    Happy to read such experiences

  2. Shreya Gopal

    Such a beautiful piece of writing!!

  3. Everyone who has garden would understand this!!

  4. Ritika Bhat

    among the best… refreshing in its specificity.

  5. Gunjan Saxena

    Gardening is a work of art and it makes you happy.

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