My Gardening Journey: Part-II

Hello guys ,

it’s Akanksha with the Instagram handle @artitution_homie. I am a certified make over artist ,automation programmer and Engineer turned influencer and being a gardener I have been always attracted to beauty and makeover . My training in this particular field taught me nuances of this art.

As present I am staying in Mysuru since 6 years and I am very much attracted to nature. At the time of lockdown I started makeover of my home and as a habit shared it on social media. My work received appreciation from people of every walk of life. This very thing rekindled my ambition and purpose of life and led to me to influencing world .

I started influencing home makeover ideas with cost effective and reusable house hold items ; the mantra was “think before throw ” .My ideas focus on all house makers women who do not want to invest large chunk of money in refinement of their homes .Periodic small change and addition in homes gave those women a sense of ecstasy .I considered this as my true reward .

In all my videos one thing is imperative, i.e presence of plants in the frame. I have almost 25 varieties of plants at my home and the purpose of their presence in my posts is to try and influence people for plantation .Plants are like little babies in home ,giving you positive vibes asking nothing in return .Greenery brings added color and flavor to your house and brings us close to the nature.

So, now I am wife ,mother ,house manager ,gardener and influencer Akanksha . Adding one more title was never an easy especially with lockdown imposed school holidays for my daughters.Time management and sacrifice of “me time” is the key operatives here. I have basically no proper schedule for my work ,it’s like as and when I get an idea ,my children relinquishes me or on demand .

My followers on Instagram motivate me to keep going, at night after posting a story/video I think of sabbatical but in the morning when I go through reactions from my followers and their appreciations, All my apprehensions ,fear and struggle vaporize. I make myself a strong cup of coffee and gear up for a hectic day .

So ,basically I am still getting the zest of my life and so far got hold of only one thing ;hard work ,dedication and focus is only thing in your control, rest is your destiny which we have no control what so ever .dream , dream big ,try to achieve it ,this is what we call “being human ” (salman ki kasam ).

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