My Journey ; Positive Outcome

About myself

I Vaibhav Pant and I want to share my journey I live in Ahmadabad , Gujarat and basically I belong to the mountains- Nainital. By profession I am a Project Manager at an American MNC. I love being with nature. And my hobbies include writing poems and listening to music.

My Journey As A Gardener

Year 2020 was full of challenges in all the possible ways. The virus was not only spreading the disease but was also spreading a lot of negativity. Human entrapment within the four walls was destroying whatever was left within all of us. We always wanted to have a garden where we would destruct ourselveslves. The lockdown aided to this thought process. We had the time and willingness to contribute towards a sustainable future. All that was needed to start was a seed.

The affordable organic store (TAOS) helped us by bridging that gap. We now have a very beautiful garden and All the anxiety and stress disappears when we see our greenery. My daughter loves to swing amidst the nature Right from morning yoga to the evening tea and our plants take us a step closer to mother nature. It was a bliss to witness a seed sprout and grow up into a lush. The flowers added to the charm and every emerging bud gave us goosebumps. The foliage of our climbers gives us a feeling of belongingness. What more could I have asked for? And This was the only way in which we could comfort ourselves in the times of pandemic.

And I really wish that we could have done this earlier But it is never too late to love nature because nature fail return and Permalink and I Would request all of my friends and family to take an opportunity and spare some time and pain-free labor towards nature.

As a result I would like to thanks TAOS for being the first step!

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