Passionate Gardener- Rizwana Mundewadi

Passionate Gardener- Rizwana Mundewadi

Some love stories never end! Once a passionate gardener is always a gardener! My soul longs for the fragrances, flowers, fresh energy. I surrounded by plants and flowers to keep my energy going.

Being passionate gardener

Gardening brought blessings from earth and that led me to do Reiki. Passion and sincerity brought me towards becoming a healer and artist. As a Healing artist and Reiki Master I believe in Karma and strongly agree to ‘move with the flow’.

Journey as a passionate gardener

My inner struggle was for search of identify, who am I? This question took years to understand and sitting for hours under the sun, the majestic sky, my terrace garden, observing the garden plants, different birds, the flowers, the challenges of natural pests.

Each time of the day and night you will notice the garden looks different, feels different and has different vibes.

As a result, you will just realize how tiny you are in this vast Universe and yet feel so close.

Talking to them I have found plants to be my best friends. Becoming an healing artist came naturally and was never planned.


I realised that gardening progressed simultaneously. Focussing on a freshly bloomed flower at dawn, meditating on its circular petals and healing my senses with natural fragrances was a ritual I followed for many years. Till date I love to grow flowers with fragrances, roses, jasmine, jai, champa, frangipani, tube roses,etc. Painting obsessively in solitude my garden plants were my companions of never ending inspirations.

You need to go within to find out who you are, your purpose, and trust me on that, gardening will always assist you with your life journey by acting as a soothing balm. My passion for Gardening has always guided me with pure energies of mother earth and kept me connected to my soul purpose even in the most challenging times. Why a healing artist? The healing artist is the light wishes she had during her times of darkness, Stress, Migraines, Anxieties, low self esteem, panic attacks and obsessions, my plants and birds have always been my best friends on my inner journey.

Inner peace

I dream of the world leading a sustainable healthy joyful life that has no hatred, only love! When you eat organically grown vegetables you emit the fresh pure energy vibes. The blooming of flowers and the new fresh green leaves emerging from any plant gives a fresh and energised new start to the day. With awe do I still get up and see what the garden has in store for me each day! And with immense joy I still get happy like a small child looking at some new surprises, yes, we have had surprises too!

I am among the lucky few to have experienced different forms of gardening in my life. Window gardening, terrace gardening, window sill gardens, table top gardening (which was over the sewing machine!), miniature gardens, entryway gardens tons of experience!. In fact as we grew and the Universe brought forthe , we shifted to larger spaces, there was always a garden in my life. And I feel each one of us must always make the most of any available space and begin a garden! I am a big dreamer and dreams do come true!

As a passionate gardener

Also for passionate gardener I would like to mention- no two gardens are ever same and Don’t expect to see the same garden twice! I as passionate gardener agree maybe that that there is some amount of OCD as I keep buying plants and adding them, but then you need to be passionate otherwise it makes me so sad to see homes with dried pots yet staged at the entrances of home bringing such bad fengshui. Would you keep a dead body in your home? Then why those dried plants?

My passion was always for rare unique flowering plants and I was not so much for growing vegetables, because every field has its own specialization and care. Some plants have been brought from far off places we travelled and have survived under my love,I buy plants on my family vacation trips! My little space under the sun! A garden need not be very large and spanning over miles or a specific number of pots. Even a small terrace or a open balcony, or a window grill is sufficient to create this magic.


Try plants, they bring so much joy! You also don’t have any excuses as today plant nurseries online supply ready planted pots with plants and even flowered ones and you just have to take minimal care. One can plant different colored flowering plants and see different shades of nature.

Even the green in nature has many shades as no two plants have the same color. If you notice carefully even the same breed plant has some or the other individual difference in their shade. A variety of greens can be observed in the simple foliage ornamental plants and it is also scientifically proved that the colour green is very good for the heart. You can start a garden of colored leaves plants. I was amazed at the beauty nature has, so many colors so many patterns, the purple heart, wandering jew with silvery metallic leaves, Chinese ever green with huge bright fluorescent green leaves mother in laws tongue with tall celadon green leaves.

Passionate Nature

Nature expresses her uniqueness, just like each one of us is special and unique. There is a riot of colors every time here and if not flowers, then colored leaves plants bring colors of joy in my life and my home. each one has special symbolism, every part of the plant has its lessons and Gardens will always keep giving you inspirations in whatever profession you are. And they protect from negative evil eye energies too! I never copy nature or paint realistic flower paintings. How can you imitate nature?

I paint abstract Reiki flower healing artworks that are full of fantasy and magic. Gardening is a best way to bring a beautiful small part of the wonderful nature amongst us. You do your bit in saving mother earth from harmful emissions by purifying the air with natural activators.

As a result, The air purifying plants are now taking upper seat as even pure air and now adding plants to keep the air healthy. Each one of us is a healer and healing yourself is connected with others.

Gardening is the purest form of human pleasures” Francis bacon life may seem uphill at times, gardening is a saver and in the morning, touching the misty dew drops, and enjoying the fresh clean air amongst plants is a surreal experience.

Fresh herbs, basil, mint, curry leaves that are ready to sprinkle health in our home.

‘To plant a garden is to believe in Tomorrow’ Audrey Hepburn. You will not understand this quote until yourself becomes a passionate gardener grow a flowering or fruit plant, it’s out of this world feeling! go ahead and bring some simple plants to begin with if you feel you don’t have a green thumb.


“Rudyard Kipling As passionate Gardener I have learnt more from my mistakes than in successes and I started sharing my experiences since year 2010 on my Google blog Garden Care Simplified . So many from around the globe Advising are discussing sharing tips, tricks and flowering challenges the blog flourished with love and the intentions of sharing pure knowledge.

The gardener gives best So I have learned that we have to listen to our plants, talk to them, feed them, and follow each one according to their individual needs to see them happy. And sometimes we have to just let them be..they grow! This one hit really hard, practically what do good gardeners do? we adapt, and we adjust and we choose right plants in whatever conditions we are living in . So, grow the most beautiful energy gardens and there is someone taking passionate Gardener!


Dip those hands in mud! Trust me it feels amazing as a Passionate gardener sharing since year 2010 about tips, tricks and fengshui of growing container gardens on my blog Garden Care Simplified.

I do not sell plants!

A Healing Artist selling original art @The Red Pilgrim’s Razarts, You Tuber The Red Pilgrim. Bringing joy to the world with my Reiki symbol healing Paintings

Happy Gardening!


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