Santosh G: A Passionate Gardener and a Marathi YouTuber

Santosh G: A Passionate Gardener and a Marathi YouTuber

If you are looking for information about indoor and flowering plants in Marathi, you should definitely check out Santosh G’s YouTube channel Marathi Garden Tips. He is a passionate gardener who started his channel to share gardening-related vlogs with other enthusiasts.¬†

He covers a wide range of topics, from how to grow different plants from cuttings, to how to fertilize them for maximum flowering, to prepare organic fertilizers at home, and how to grow organic vegetables such as ginger, potato, and tomato on the terrace.

Some of his popular vlogs are:

How to Grow Chrysanthemum from Cuttings: 

Santosh loves growing chrysanthemums and has 4-5 different varieties of them in his terrace garden. In this video, he shows how he multiplies them at home through cuttings. He insists on using a rooting hormone to increase the success rate of rooting. He also shares updates on his new saplings grown from cuttings.

 How to Grow Betel Leaf Plant from Cuttings: 

In this video, he explains which cuttings to take for betel propagation, what type of soil mix to use, and how to water them. He shares many useful tips such as growing more cuttings to increase the success rate.

 Plant Care Tips for Chrysanthemum: 

In this video, he gives tips on fertilizing chrysanthemums at the budding stage to get the maximum number of flowers in winter. He shows how to prepare a compost tea by using mustard cake fertilizer, dried banana peel fertilizer, and DAP to enhance flowering and increase the size of flowers. He also suggests adding a fungicide to avoid fungal attacks.

 Rose Plant Care Tips: 

In this video, he demonstrates how to do hard pruning, and how to add fertilizer and fungicide to rose plants during February, and also shares the results of timely following these procedures.

 How to Take Care of Hibiscus in November: 

In this video, he reveals how to fertilize hibiscus for maximum flowering. He suggests using a mixture of vermicompost, seaweed granules, dried tea leaves, Epsom salt, DAP, and a fungicide. He also uses neem oil spray as an insecticide.

Santosh has several informative videos and shorts on:

  • ¬†Flowering plant care and propagation of Brahma kamal, Krishna kamal, jasmine, marigold, portulaca, gazania, and many more.
  • ¬†Unique low-cost DIYs such as watering cans and moss sticks.¬†
  • How to decorate a small balcony garden with colorful pots and plants. He also recommends some of the best indoor plants for the home such as Syngonium, ferns, aglaonema, pothos, and more.¬†
  • Best permanent plants for hanging baskets such as pothos, rhoeo, spider plant, and creeping charlie.¬†
  • How to prepare organic solid and liquid fertilizers at home using kitchen waste and cow dung.¬†
  • Terrace garden overviews in different seasons.

Santosh G is a great source of inspiration and information for anyone who wants to learn more about gardening in Marathi. You can subscribe to his channel here: (787) Marathi Garden tipsūüĆ∑ūüĆł – YouTube

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Happy Gardening!

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