Surbhi: A Passionate Gardener and YouTuber Who Takes You on Nursery Tours

Surbhi: A Passionate Gardener and YouTuber Who Takes You on Nursery Tours

If you are a gardening enthusiast, who loves to update your plant collection every season, you might have heard of Surbhi, a popular YouTuber from Delhi who runs the Surbhi Garden and Nature channel.

She frequently visits different plant nurseries in and around Delhi and shows her viewers the different plant varieties available, along with their prices, addresses, and contact details of the nursery owners for the benefit of her viewers. 

Surbhi is a passionate gardener who loves to share her immense knowledge of gardening, including gardening tips, nursery tours, and giveaways with her viewers. 

Surbhi has a beautiful garden where she grows a variety of plants, from fruits and vegetables to flowers and foliage plants. 

She also loves to give tips on how to care for plants, how to propagate them, how to fertilize them, and how to deal with pests and diseases.

She also loves interacting with her viewers and answering their queries in the comments section.

Some of her most loved vlogs are:

Fruit Name and Price for Your Garden

In this vlog, Surbhi shows different fruiting plant varieties available in a nursery, such as mango, fig, guava, grapes, pomegranate, sweet lime, and more. She also shares the price of each plant and the nursery address and contact details.

Flowering Plants for 20 rupees Each: 

In this vlog, Surbhi shows flowering plants that are unique and budget-friendly, such as hibiscus, lantana, Hamelia, yellow jasmine, Madhu Kamini, Tecoma, and more. She also tells the prices of each plant and the nursery address and contact details.

 Permanent Flowering Plants for Summer: 

In this vlog, Surbhi shows different varieties of hibiscus, different shades of Allamanda, rare varieties of Tecoma, lantana, different shades of Exora, Naag Champa, and other such beautiful flowering plants that can survive the summer heat. She also gives tips on how to care for them and keep them blooming.

Grow Tips for Cypress Vine from Seeds: 

Surbhi shows how to grow Cypress vine from seeds in this vlog. She shows how to collect seeds, how to prepare the soil mix, how to water the seeds, and how to transfer the seedlings after one week.

10+ Rare and Unique Hibiscus Varieties: 

In this vlog, Surbhi shows more than 10 rare and unique hibiscus varieties that she has in her garden. She shares the common names of each variety, how to differentiate them according to shape, size, and color, and how to fertilize them.

  • Surbhi’s latest video is about 25+ low-budget plants for your garden. In this video, she shows low-budget pocket-friendly plants that thrive during monsoon along with their prices. She also gives tips on how to maintain them. Some of the plants she shows are Aparajita, pencil cactus, Madhu Kamini, Syngonium, bougainvillea, Rajnigandha, and more.


  • Surbhi also loves to grow her veggies such as brinjals, chilies, and tomatoes, and regularly shares her updates on their growth and harvest. She also shows how to make a powerful tonic for indoor plants from onion peels and used tea leaves.


  • Surbhi’s fans love her vlogs and look forward to her nursery tours. They appreciate her knowledge and passion for gardening and learn a lot from her tips and tricks. 

    If you are also interested in gardening and want to enrich your knowledge while taking a nursery tour with Surbhi subscribe to Surbhi’s channel (528) Surbhi Garden And Nature – YouTube and follow her on Instagram @mainhusurvi • Instagram photos and videos

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Happy Gardening!

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