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5 Best Feng Shui Plants to buy in monsoon

5 Best Feng Shui Plants To Buy In Monsoon

5 Best Feng Shui Plants To Buy In Monsoon

Feng Shui is a set of guidelines from Chinese culture that explain how the arrangement of objects in a particular space can impact the way energy moves through it.

The movement of energy is crucial here. Chi is the name for the life-sustaining force that permeates all living things. Growing plants that encourage this energy is one approach to ensure that a home has good energy, or Chi, which is crucial.

The goal of Feng Shui is to increase the flow of Chi, our essential life force energy. The wood element, represented by living green plants, is said to encourage human toughness, flexibility, healing, and growth.

By incorporating plants into your interior space, you may not only bring these traits into your life and home but also create a more harmonious relationship between your inner and outer environments.

Here are five Feng Shui plants that you can keep at your home:

Lucky bamboo

Bamboo is a multipurpose plant in addition to being fortunate. Additionally, it is thought that Lucky Bamboo bestows luck to its caretakers. This plant is one of the most typical housewarming presents in Asian and Chinese culture.

Given that it requires no particular maintenance, this lovely plant might be the ideal complement to your home’s decor. Simply place it in a glass or plastic vase and fill it up with water.

This plant draws health when it is maintained facing east, and luck and fortune are brought by Lucky Bamboo when it is kept facing southeast. Lucky bamboo is a popular sign, symbolizing upward development, optimism, and humility.

Golden pothos

Golden Pothos plants are great air purifiers, making them ideal for neglected areas of your home like the top of a kitchen cabinet or the bathroom. Their smooth, rounded leaves encourage harmony and gentleness throughout your room.

These plants require very little care, gaining the moniker “Devil’s Ivy” due to their near-impossibility of death, which makes them perfect for careless gardeners.

Feng Shui claims that places like cabinet tops and corners collect dead energy, which can limit a home’s positive energy flow. You may solve this issue by placing golden pothos there because they bring back positive energy and are also extremely simple to maintain.

Rubber plant

Ficus elastica, commonly referred to as the Rubber plant, has thick, waxy, and globular leaves that represent wealth and money. This plant is given the utmost value in Feng Shui and can be placed anywhere.

The somewhat dull leaves of this plant provide a beautiful contrast to a lively and colorful garden. Additionally, it can endure chilly temperatures and moderately poor sunlight.

To keep it healthy, the plant only requires 3 – 4 hours of indirect sunlight each day, without the need for frequent watering. In terms of benefits, it’s effective in removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde.

The Rubber Plant is believed to bring luck in any orientation. Placing it in the South-west area, known as the wealth area, can promote prosperity and an increase in wealth.

Peace lily

The Peace Lily, a favourite in feng shui, is renowned for maintaining a room’s pleasant and cheery atmosphere. The leaves are used to entice money while the blossoms offer good fortune.

To effectively cultivate peace lilies, it’s critical to become familiar with the plant’s needs. These plants perform best on a sunny windowsill since they require good airflow. It may also be cultivated on your work table or kitchen table in a shady area. This improves the aesthetics of the area while also boosting good vibes.

The peace lily is the ideal plant for spirituality since it boosts the Chi in your house and improves the positive energy flow throughout it.

Lotus plant

One of the lucky plants is the Lotus plant, which is frequently utilized in Indian and Chinese families for customary rites.

This plant is a symbol of power, virtue, and purity. Lotus blossoms are revered in Hinduism because they are connected to Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

Positivity and prosperity will both be attracted by placing a lotus plant close to your window. It also enhances the tranquility of your home. Place these blossoms in 5 hours of direct sunshine for them to flourish.

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