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5 Best Foliage Plants To Buy In The Winter

5 Best Foliage Plants To Buy In The Winter

5 Best Foliage Plants To Buy In The Winter

If you want to add some tropical flair to your home this winter try buying foliage plants. They not only look stunning and versatile but also bring vibrance and positivity to any space.

Maintaining plants during the winter season can be a challenging task. It requires as much care and attention as it does in the summer. As the winter approaches, ensuring that the plants receive sufficient light and water and protecting them from frost becomes crucial.

You might consider buying these 5 best foliage plants which are colorful, east-to-care, and can brighten up your space during the winter months:


Coleus is a popular foliage plant that has vividly colored leaves. Its leaves come in different patterns and a wide range of colors such as green, purple, pink, red, and yellow, with contrasting veins or edges. It does well in moderate winters but has to be saved from frost. It needs to be watered only when the top inch of the soil feels dry. Pinching off the flowers can save energy and make the plant bushy and healthy.


Croton is a beautiful tropical plant with glossy green leaves that have blotches of yellow, red, orange, or purple. It thrives well in warm, humid conditions but can easily survive cold winters if kept in a bright sunny spot. It needs to be provided with steady warmth. Water it when the top inch of soil feels dry and mist occasionally to maintain humidity.


Aglaonema is a fabulous ornamental plant that can make any space lively and stylish. It looks attractive with broad colorful leaves that are variegated in shades of green, white, silver, pink, or red. Being a tropical plant it needs warmth and humidity to thrive. It can easily adapt to low or medium light and dry air in winter months. To keep your plant healthy, it’s important to mist it regularly but water it only when the soil is completely dry.


Caladium is a tropical plant with broad colorful heart-shaped leaves and stunning patterns. It comes in different shades of white, pink, red, or green, with contrasting stripes or veins. It loves bright sunny spaces and frost-free conditions, but with little care can survive in low to medium light conditions. It goes into dormancy during winter and therefore doesn’t require frequent watering or fertilizing.

Rex Begonia

Rex begonia also called ‘fancy leaf begonia’ is a beautiful semi-tropical foliage plant. It has characteristic large velvety leaves with intricate designs and comes in vivid colors such as purple, burgundy, green, silver, or pink. It grows well outdoors but can survive indoors if kept in bright indirect sunlight to maintain its colors. It needs to be watered regularly but overwatering should be avoided. It can adapt to low temperatures easily.

These are some of the best foliage plants that you can consider buying this winter to make your space look colorful and vibrant.

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Happy Gardening!

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