5 Best Table Top Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

5 Best Table Top Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

5 Best Table Top Plants To Buy In The Monsoon

If you are a beginner, thinking of adding greenery to your workspace and environment. Why not consider adding indoor plants to your home which will not only decorate your space but also have other benefits, including improving your mood? As an added bonus, these plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen, promoting a healthy and fresh atmosphere in your home.

These plants also add moisture to the air, which can reduce your chances of catching the flu or getting a cold. Furthermore, houseplants are effective at removing pollutants, making them great “air scrubbers”. Here we have recommended some plants which you can add to your tabletop and office desks, they are:

Money plant

Money Plants are a popular choice in Indian homes and businesses. These are named after the Feng Shui philosophy, which says that keeping them will bring good luck.

Money plants have multiple stems that are often braided together. They are fast-growing and can thrive in low-light areas of your home also. Adding a money plant to your indoor decor like table tops or office desks is an excellent way to create a tropical atmosphere.


If you’re a fan of purple color, why don’t you consider adding an Oxalis plant to your office desk or tabletop? These small indoor plants, also known as wood sorrels, can brighten up your workspace with their appealing appearance. Though they are low humidity tolerant, they need lots of sunshine to show off their vibrant hues.


If you’re looking for colourful houseplants, bromeliads (Bromeliaceae) offer over 3000 varieties that can provide a wonderful option for table tops, dining tables, balconies, etc. However, they do require a bit of upkeep in the initial stage to reach their full blooming potential. After that, occasional watering and care will be enough.

While Bromeliads don’t grow well in direct sunlight but they do need partial light to thrive well. With over 3000 distinct varieties, these are known for their low light tolerance, decorative foliage, and occasional blooms. Despite their beauty, most bromeliads are surprisingly easy to care for.


Succulents are low-maintenance indoor plants that are best suited for your workplace, dining table or table tops. This plant doesn’t take up much space and requires only medium to strong lighting. Additionally, the stems and roots of succulents store water in their leaves, so they don’t need to be watered frequently.

Furthermore, their thick leaves make them visually appealing, which can prove to be a great addition to any office space or indoor decor. Overall, succulents are a great choice for people who are busy with their personal and professional life and want a plant that’s easy to take care of and has a pleasing effect on the eye.

Boston fern

The Nephrolepis exaltata, also known as the Boston fern contains beautiful, flowing fronds adorned with small leaves. This plant thrives in humid conditions. To keep it healthy, make sure to spray it with water often. Thus, an ideal plant to buy this monsoon for your desk or dining table.

These require direct, bright sunshine so always keep them away from extreme hot or cold spots. Boston Ferns favor damp soil with high relative humidity. Place them in an area with filtered light for better growth.

Before watering again, let the soil dry out. If the fronds begin to turn yellow, it may be due to low humidity levels, so try to increase the humidity.

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Happy Gardening!


    1. these lists of tabletop is very wonderful I am following this list this monsoon season

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      Monsoons are my favorite time of the year to bring the beauty of nature indoors, and these tabletop plant suggestions are just perfect for adding a touch of greenery to any space!

    3. sundar rathod

      Absolutely agree with your list of the best table top plants to buy in the monsoon! It’s such a refreshing and lovely way to bring a touch of nature indoors during the rainy season.

    4. This list has the best tabletop plants for home.

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