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5 Easy To Grow Flowering Plants In The Kitchen Garden In September

5 Easy To Grow Flowering Plants In The Kitchen Garden In September

5 Easy To Grow Flowering Plants In The Kitchen Garden In September

If you want to add color and fragrance to your garden this winter then September is the perfect month to do so. The temperatures start cooling down in September making the conditions ideal for planting winter flowering plants. Once planted at the right time and placed correctly, these plants keep flowering throughout the winter, filling your surroundings with colors and fragrance.

In this blog, we listed five easy-to-grow flowering plants for you to add to your kitchen garden this September. Not only will they beautify your place, but attract bees and butterflies to your garden, thus helping you get more harvest from your kitchen garden.


Beautiful flowers of Zinnia come in a wide range of colors such as pink, orange, yellow, purple, and red. Their sizes also vary from single-flowered to double-flowered, to semi-double-flowered, depending upon the number of rows of petals. Its solitary flower heads make your garden look stunning in dull winters. They also welcome bees and butterflies to your garden. You can grow them easily from seeds. Make sure that the soil is well-drained and rich in organic matter before sowing the seeds. Give them full sunlight for 6-8 hours for ample flowering. They also look beautiful inside your home in cut flower arrangements.


Marigold is a versatile flower that does exceptionally well during cold weather. With its petals in different shades of orange, yellow, and red, and green leaves with serrated edges, marigold keeps your place looking vibrant throughout winter up till early summer. It’s also associated with spirituality, no wonder you can find its presence in almost every Indian garden. It’s an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance plant that can resist insects and pests. It’s good for other plants growing in your garden as it repels pests and attracts pollinators. Place it in full sunlight for healthy blooms and water it moderately depending upon the season. A well-draining soil reach in compost is ideal for its growth. Deadheading can increase the amount of blooming.


Petunia is a fast-growing and easy-to-maintain flowering plant that looks amazing in your garden. It comes in plenty of shades and combinations of violet, pink, purple, orange, yellow, red, and white, creating a stunning display of colors in your home garden throughout winter and spring. You can grow it easily from seeds as well as seedlings. It grows well in full sunlight, but won’t complain even if placed in partial shade. Water it regularly but avoid soggy soil.

Fertilizing with a balanced organic fertilizer, or liquid fertilizer every two to three weeks can keep the plants healthy and maintain continuous blooming.


Cosmos is an annual flowering plant that has delicate and charming flowers. Its flowers have a yellow center disc surrounded by delicate petals that come in vivid hues of pink, purple, lilac, white, and chocolate. With thin stalks and colorful flowers, they can make your garden look mesmerizing. You can either grow them from seeds or seedlings, just make sure to prepare the soil by adding organic manure before planting them. Place them in full sunlight or partial shade and water them regularly for ample flowering. Deadheading is the trick to get maximum flowering in this plant.


Calendulas belong to the same family as the marigolds but should not be considered the same. They’ve bright yellow and orange, mildly scented petals making them a perfect addition to floral displays and bouquets. Its petals are edible and can be used in herbal teas. The essential oil derived from Calendula is effective in treating skin infections, and therefore, finds its place in several ointments, lotions, creams, and balms. Its flowers also attract pollinators. Give full sunlight for 6-8 hours and moderately fertile, well-draining soil to this easy-to-grow plant, and enjoy its beautiful blooms throughout winter.

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