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5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In June

5 Gardening Influencers To Follow In June

With the rise in sustainable living practices, gardening has become a wholesome activity worldwide. Few influencers on social media have come forward to share their love for nature and teach society about organic ways to grow plants at home. Here we have listed five influencers you can follow and learn to grow plants at home. 

1. Tanvi Chauhan

She is an agriculturalist and an enthusiastic indoor organic gardener. Tanvi likes to grow plants on her balcony and has a deep love for tulsi plants. Tanvi talks immensely about organic farming and also harvests her veggies. She also has a social media handle with the name “organicvibes4you“. 

2. Shilpa Teja

Shilpa is a textile designer by profession and a Permaculturist by passion. She is a social media influencer who is implementing permaculture principles at her farm known as “oornafarm“, to make it a self-sustaining living space. She also carries out volunteering services at her farm. She not only talks about permaculture but also regenerative living, seed saving, community space, etc. According to her, permaculture is a practice wherein we grow food for ourselves as well as build an ecosystem for birds and insects to thrive. 

3. Suresh Kumar G.

Suresh is a sculptor designer by profession and a gardener by passion. He is the founder of “sarjapura curries“. He talks greatly about naturally growing wild vegetables and greens. He is currently working on a community gardening project called “Sarjapur Curries”, which aims at reviving the lost knowledge of growing wild vegetables and greens in a natural farming method. His basic idea is to create an integrated farm that existed 50 years ago.

4. Sipy Mohanty

Sipy is a preschool teacher and a gardening enthusiast. She also maintains and grows her plants on her balcony. She also manages her Instagram handle with the name “beleaf“. Sipy believes in the simple tips to follow to grow a beautiful garden. Due to her love for plants, she also does live streaming of her plants.

5. Reema Gopalan

Reema is a gardening educator and social media influencer. Her social media account is “reemasgarden“. She is a gardener with no agriculture, horticulture, or botany background. Her journey from a gardener to an influencer began when she recognized the problem of unorganized information in this field. She writes blogs and does online workshops to impart wisdom and knowledge on ways to do gardening. She has also developed a few gardening courses and has written two ebooks.

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Here are some Workshops that might help you if you are new to Gardening!

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Happy Gardening!


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