Five Best Low-Maintenance Plants To Buy In Monsoon

Five Best Low-Maintenance Plants To Buy In Monsoon

Five Best Low-Maintenance Plants To Buy In Monsoon

Rains, pakodas, and lush green balconies are the only fantasies in boring city life. But creating a lush green space also means maintaining it. Metropolitan lifestyle barely allows time for such activities thus it is understandable that people may not find enough time to tend to their green space. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a green space, the solution to this problem is low-maintenance plants.

Here are our top five suggestions for low-maintenance plants that can thrive well in these monsoons:


Jasmine is a perennial flowering plant that thrives well during monsoons. These are widely cultivated for their pleasant fragrance and are used in making perfumes and essential oils. It is also known as mogra and has great significance in Indian culture.


Hibiscus are brightly coloured flowers in hues of orange, red, pink and yellow that grow on evergreen shrubs. These are mainly rainy-season plants that can be grown year-round and requires very little maintenance. Apart from adding color to your places, these attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Kaner or Oleander

Kaner, also known as Oleander, can be grown throughout the year but blossoms profusely during rainy seasons. These are sun-loving and low-maintenance plants which grow in multicolor hues like pink, red, and yellow. Apart from adding color to your garden, it also provides you with a beachy feeling.


Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy got its name because of its death-resistance properties. It is one of the most forgiving houseplants. These are low-maintenance plants that can be neglected for weeks. Pothos are found in a range of beautiful colors varying from neon to golden. It is a popular belief that pothos at home brings luck and prosperity.


Plumeria is a vibrant flowering plant that grows in vibrant hues like red, yellow, white, and pink. These are low-maintenance monsoonal plants that grow in the form of lovely bushes. Though a perennial plant, these may suffer widely in winter due to frost conditions and lack of sunlight.


Thus, the time has come to say goodbye to the dry summers and welcome the beautiful rainy season with adorable and lush green space at your place with these low-maintenance plants that are suitable for the busy city lifestyle.

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Happy Gardening!

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