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Top 20 easy flowering plants to grow in India in the month of September

September is that month of the year when rains recede and the sun starts showing up again. It is a great month for flower gardeners because, during this time, the gardens overflow with a variety of colorful, beautiful flowers. 

Given here is a long list of beautiful flowering plants to grow in India that can add vibrance to your September garden.

1. China rose (Hibiscus) 

Hibiscus is a Perennial shrub with large, bright, and showy flowers that helps in attracting pollinators. This is one of the flowering plants in India which is offered to Lord Ganesha. The flowers come in a variety of colors like white, pink, red, blue, orange, peach, yellow and purple. The plant loves direct sunlight. The flower of red hibiscus can be used to brew hibiscus tea and also for making hair oils.

2. Marigold (Tagetes)

Marigold is a cheerful annual plant that is easy to grow in sunny spots. It has daisy-like flower heads that come in colors like deep orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, orange, red, and gold bicolor, etc. This beautiful one of the many flowering plants to grow in India is extensively used in Hindu rituals.

3. Zinnia

Zinnia are annual plants popular for their variety of dazzling flower colors like pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, lavender, white, and green. They require direct sun. Depending on the rows of petals in a flower, they are of several types. Zinnia plant stands up well to heat, drought, and rain.

4. Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisies are perennial plants having big long-lasting yellow, white, pink, red, orange, lavender, salmon, or bicolored flowers; the flowers have a center floral disk that can have colors ranging from yellowish to light-bronze to black. The monthly use of fertilizers can greatly boost flower production.

5. Flame of the woods (Ixora)

They are evergreen shrubs that produce large clusters of tiny flowers which may be bright red, orange, yellow, pink, and white. This is one of the easy flowering plants to grow in India that is widely used in Hindu’s worshipping, as well as in Ayurveda and Indian folk medicine. The large flower clusters filled with nectar attract many pollinators including sunbirds.

6. Star cluster (Pentas)

They are pretty low-maintenance perennial shrubs that are easy to grow in any garden setting. Pentas flowers are present as clusters of small purple, red, white, or pink colors. The blossoms of these flowering plants to grow in India are very popular with butterflies and hummingbirds.

7. Passion flowers (Passiflora)

They are tendril-bearing perennial vines with showy purple, pink or red flowers having a distinctive corona. The flowers can be used for making tea. The vines of these flowering plants to grow in India can establish well over support to give filtered shade in your garden. They can be easily trained over trellises, walls, or fences

8. Cape Jasmine (Gardenia)

Gardenias are evergreen shrubs known for the sweet fragrance produced by their waxy ivory-white or yellow blossoms. The lustrous, dark green leaves make the foliage look exotic. They thrive best in humid areas and won’t tolerate drought or arid conditions well.

9. Carnation (Dianthus)

Carnation is herbaceous perennials that have grasslike foliage and abundant starry flowers with petals having a fringed edge. These flowering plants to grow in India comes in purple, red, white, pink, and yellow colors. These extremely versatile plants grow best in humid areas having neutral to alkaline soil.

10. Periwinkle (Vinca)

Vincas are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant annual shrubs that boast a wide color of flowers like pink, red, white, and purple. Because these plants can stay low and spread quickly, they can be used as ground cover in garden landscapes. They tolerate dry and drought conditions well.

11. Rain lily (Zephyranthes)

Rain Lillies these flowering plants to grow in India are perennial herbaceous monocots with grass-like foliage and funnel-shaped yellow, white or pink flowers. They grow from bulbs. They are known for blooming only after heavy rains. Rain lilies are virtually pest and disease-free.

12. Water lily (Nymphaea)

Water lilies are majestic water dwellers that have exotic-looking blooms that could be pink, blue, red, white, purple, or even black colored. Many varieties have an enchanting fragrance. The leaves of these flowering plants to grow in India are nearly round and green with wavy edges.

13. Allamanda

Allamanda has tubular flowers having yellow, cherry, white, peach, chocolate, cream, or golden-orange colors. They are fast flowering plants to grow in India with evergreen perennials that prefer full sun. The plant has milky sap and all parts of the plant are poisonous. They look great as hedge plants.

14. Yellow Bells (Tecoma)

Tecoma is a perennial, deciduous plant. They have red-orange, pink, or yellow-colored, tubular, and fragrant flowers that bloom in clusters. These flowering plants to grow in India thrives well in hot conditions with less water. Pruning spent flowers can promote new growth.

15. Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia)

It is a woody succulent shrub with densely spiny stems. It is grown as an ornamental house plant with orange, pink, red, variegated, white, or yellow bracts; the showy parts are not actual flowers, instead, they are bracts. These warmth-loving flowering plants to grow in India are resilient to most diseases and pests

16. Desert rose (Adenium)

Adenium is a dramatic sun-loving succulent plant that has a swollen trunk; it has a bonsai-like appearance. Adeniums are slow-growing perennials with several shades of pink, white, purple, or red flowers. They love growing in gritty soil in sunny spots.

17. Ground orchid (Spathoglottis)

These orchids are monocots that grow from bulbs. The pink, purple or white flowers appear in groups on tall stalks. They require organically rich, moist soil that drains well. They prefer being planted in humid and warm environments. They are fairly heavy feeders that require regular fertilisation.

18. Clematis

Clematis is a perennial vine that has leathery, shiny, dark green leaves with small, white, numerous, and fragrant flowers. The vines can cover garden arches to make them look heavenly with dotted white blooms. This plant is highly adaptable, drought-tolerant, and disease-resistant.

19. Oxalis

Oxalis is a perennial herb most commonly grown for its foliage, but they have small and beautiful orange, yellow, white, or pink blossoms. They have geometric-shaped leaves, which are often triangular. Oxalis plant does great in well-draining soil under part shade.

20. Balloon flower (Platycodon)

This beautiful flowering perennial plant gets its peculiar name from the balloon-like appearance of the inflated buds. Balloon flowers have bell-shaped flowers that can be blue, white, or pink colored. The plant performs best in full sun or part shade and prefers light loamy soil.

These easy flowering plants to grow in India can make your September garden a paradise in itself.

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