Gardening Talks ft. beleaf.in_

Gardening Talks ft. beleaf.in_

A plant lover can never have enough plants. They love to add one more extra plant to their collection or multiply their existing plants. There are many ways to multiply our garden plants. Propagation from cuttings is the easiest way to get many baby plants from one parent plant. We will be answering some questions on a few common house plants that we can propagate at home.

Tune in to our YouTube channel and watch our Gardening Talks held on 20th August with Sipy Mohanty who will be joining us to answer them for you. She’s a pre-school teacher and a passionate plant lover. You can check out her lovely balcony garden on her Instagram page “beleaf.in_

Questions to be answered:
1. how to grow hibiscus plant at home
2. how to grow aloe vera plant at home
3. how to grow jade plant
4. how to grow snake plant
5. how to grow lemongrass at home

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Sipy and her Leafy Plant:

Hello and good afternoon everyone, welcome to Gardening Talks featuring beleaf.in_. Today we will be answering some basic questions on, how to propagate and grow common house plants at home. To answer our questions we have Mrs. Sipy Mohanty. Hello Sipy, how are you” Asked Zehra. “Hi Zehra, Hi everyone. I am doing well. Thank you for having me here, it’s my pleasure talking to you, thank you to the Affordable Organic Store and Taos for arranging this session.” Said Sipy.

“Before going further, let me tell you all about Sipy. She is a School Teacher and a passionate plant mom. So, before we go on with the questions, Sipy we would like to know a little about yourself?” Asked Zehra. 

“Hello everyone, I am Sipy and I am a plant lover as you can see beautiful plants around me. Due to my love for plants, I do live streaming of plants. Plants are my favorite topic and I can’t miss this opportunity of saying Love Plants. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.” Said Sipy. 

1. “How to grow Hibiscus plant at home?” Asked Zehra.

“I do grow plants by buying them from Plant Vendor or Plant Nursery. You can cut the plant from the nodes/ stem cutting method and you will get a brown branch, what I usually do is dip that node in honey or cinnamon powder, then put that node into the soil, and wait for the propagation of the plant. You need to keep in mind that you should not overwater the plant, just keep it moist. As well as, hibiscus is a sun-loving plant.” Said Sipy. 

2. “How to grow Aloe Vera plant at home?” Asked Zehra. 

“So, Aloe Vera is a succulent plant. Aloe Vera has a lot of water content in it. Rather than cutting from the stem, take a small plant pup of the Aloe Vera plant and sow it in the soil. As Aloe Vera is a succulent it can store/hold water, so there is no need to water it frequently, you can also wipe the plant for plant growth.” Said Sipy. 

3. “So, do we need to take special care of the above two plants after putting them in the soil? And for Hibiscus, after taking the cutting do we need to remove the leaves? And any fertilizers?” Asked Zehra. 

“Yes, we have to remove the leaves from the small branch of the Hibiscus plant, as the leaves will suck all the nutrients from the soil and will hamper the overall plant growth. And for special care, you need to keep in mind not to overwater the Hibiscus plant. Regarding Aloe Vera, being a succulent plant it can hold water, so you need to water the plant we it is needed. And regarding the cutting, I usually plant it in another small pot rather than the same pot. I usually go for kitchen waste as it acts like organic fertilizers.” Said Sipy.  

4. “How to grow a Jade plant?” Asked Zehra.

“The Jade plant is also a succulent plant. The plant requires little sandy soil to propagate. Regarding the growth of the Jade plant, you need to chop off/cut the node of the plant then remove the leaves and plant it in another pot. This method is called the Stem Cutting method. The Jade plant requires 8 hours of sunlight and it is not an indoor plant, you need to water it in a 15-16 days gap. So, the Jade plant is also a cozy plant with requires a small pot for its growth, or it will now grow. The Jade plant leaves can also hold water, as it is also a succulent.” Said Sipy.

5. “Can you tell the views about the importance of Honey and Cinnamon?” Asked Zehra. 

“So, Honey is a Rooting Hormone. Cinnamon is like fungi where pests will not come to the plant. Cinnamon powder is preferably used in all plants. You need to grind the cinnamon and sprinkle it in the soil.” Said Sipy. 

6. “How to grow Snake plant?” Asked Zehra.

“Growing the Snake plant is very easy, it is also a succulent plant. So, to grow them take a leaf of the plant and cut the leaf from the center in the shape of a triangle on the top, and leave it in water to propagate. You will witness the growth of the roots from the bottom of the leaves in 15-20 days. So, while growing the plant in the water you are not required to the rooting hormone like Honey, water is the best medium for its growth. Since at the time roots come out you can plant it in the soil. You can also put the leaf in the soil directly for propagation but it grows faster in the water. Also, keep in mind, grow the Snake plant in a small/tiny pot rather than a big pot.” Said Sipy. 

7. “How to grow Lemongrass at home?” Asked Zehra. 

“So, according to me, this plant will not grow from the leaves, stem, or roots. The lemongrass can grow from its Tube. So, you can find the Tube when you pluck out the plant you will see the tube at the bottom, you can propagate the tube in the water and then plant it in the soil when you see the roots coming out in the water. It requires moist soil and a sunny area.” Said Sipy. 

 8. “How to know that the plant is growing when you propagate it in soil?” Asked Zehra.

“Yes, so while doing propagation in the water to see the roots growing, but for soil, you can understand it by seeing Pups growing in the bottom of the leaves. You can also understand it by feeling the leaf, if the texture of the leaf is not soggy and it’s not wilting then that means it is propagating properly.” Said Sipy. 

Thank you so much Sipy! 

“Thank you, everyone, for being in this workshop. I hope you have enjoyed the session. Thank you Sipy for giving us your valuable time. Thank you all for joining the workshop.”