International Workshop Series- Gardening in Oklahoma

Home Gardening, in simple terms, can be called the process of growing plants and taking care of them in your own home for various purposes. It is considered a gratifying hobby, as it reaps benefits both in the form of mental relaxation and provides you with homegrown organic fruits and vegetables.

Having your little garden at home is bliss. Every gardener dreams of having their own small gardening space where they can grow their favorite vegetables and greens. The joy of gardening in our little garden is immensely satisfying.

Let us hear what it means to have a home garden from a very lovely gardener from Oklahoma. Watch our workshop on “Gardening in Oklahoma” with our speaker Ms. Erica Wilson. A mother to a lovely girl, who has always dreamt of having her own garden space. She shares her journey of getting a house with gardening space and how her gardening started. You can see more of her garden on her Instagram page called “monjardinaucoin” which means My Garden on the Corner and also check out amazing videos on her youtube channel