International Workshop Series- The Joys & Challenges of Apartment Gardening in NYC

International Workshop Series-The Joys & Challenges of Apartment Gardening in NYC

Urbanization has given rise to high-rise buildings and apartment lifestyles. It often gets difficult to find space for gardening in apartments. In the hustle of a busy urban lifestyle, plants bring joy and happiness in small spaces and it’s very therapeutic to have some greens around us to calm us down after a long day.

If you are someone who is living in an apartment where sunlight and space are a constrain and are wondering how and what kind of plants you can keep at home then, Come join us this Friday on 7th Jan 8:30 – 9:30 pm (IST) and 10 – 11 am EST for our workshop based on “The Joys & Challenges of Apartment Gardening in NYC” with our speaker Michael Wang. He is a hospitality art designer and avid plant enthusiast living in New York City. He will be sharing with us all about keeping plants in small spaces. He is on Instagram as “plantgroovy”, where he chronicles the progress of his ever-growing plant collection.

Topics to be covered :
1. Challenges of apartment plant keeping including light, watering, humidity, and pests.
2. Selection of indoor plants.
3. Styling tips for a growing plant collection within a limited space.

The event will happen over YoutubeLive and all the participants will be shared a link for the same.
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