preserve flowers

Workshop on How to Preserve Flowers

Workshop on how to preserve flowers

Flowers are the most delicate and beautiful creations of nature. They add color, beauty, cheer & fragrance to life. They never fail to bring a smile to our faces. Since time immemorial flowers are being gifted to each other to express love, gratitude & other emotions. But these flowers wilt after some time while the gesture & the emotions connected with it stay in our hearts for a lifetime. What if you can save those flowers in that state and cherish those beautiful moments for a lifetime with proper care from heat, dust, humidity, pest, etc.

Is it even possible?? YES, we can prolong their shelf life and protect them from drying up or wilting and enjoy their beauty and texture for many years.

To learn how you can do this exactly, watch this workshop on “How to Preserve Flowers” with our speaker Dr. Mahalakshmi V Reddy who has enlightened us with this amazing technology. A retired Professor & Ex Associate Dean of Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agriculture University, who served 36 years as an academician, administrator, and Scientist. As a scientist, Flower preservation was one of her contributions to the Nation. Her focus was to develop an advanced methodology for preserving natural flowers as long-lasting flowers by value addition using freeze-drying technology. Don’t forget to visit her Facebook page “Lyo Florals” and have a sneak peek at the beautiful flowers preserved by her.