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Workshop on Monsoon Gardening

Workshop on Monsoon Gardening.

Workshop on Monsoon Gardening.

Monsoon is always a good time for gardening and grows new plants. Want to learn more tricks and tips about it? Join us for this upcoming workshop on ‘Monsoon Gardening’ on 17th July 2021 with our speaker Mr. Vijay, a passionate gardener. He will show what variety of plants we can grow during the monsoon and how to take care of them. He also has an active YouTube page called Gardener the Young where you can see his amazing garden space and his informative videos.

Topics to be Covered:

  1. Things to do in a garden during the monsoon.
  2. How to take care of plants in monsoon.
  3. What and how to grow plants through cuttings.
  4. Q/A

Register on the link to get access to the event.
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The event will happen over YoutubeLive and all the participants will be shared a link for the same.
For queries write to us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.