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Workshop on Quirky, Quick DIY Planters

Workshop on Quirky, Quick DIY Planters

Gardening and planting are addictive activities. So, we always require new planters or we like to have beautiful planters for our plants to add them as a part of our home décor. Buying planters can be expensive at times, so we start making some DIY planters. As much as we love to do these DIYs, we often struggle to find time to do these DIYs.

Come join us this Saturday on 26th March 4-5 pm for our workshop on “Quirky, Quick DIY Planters” with our speaker Sipy Mohanty. She’s a pre-school teacher and a home gardening lover. Sipy literally means oyster, that which holds precious pearls. And just like her name suggests, she too holds some talents such as creating cute, quirky, and fun DIYs from scrap material. You can find more DIYs on her Instagram page “beleaf.in_

Topics to be covered:
1. Animal shaped DIY planter using plastic containers
2. DIYs using a cardboard box
3. Planters using coconut shells
4. Glass bowl décor
5. Quick décor ideas using stems

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The event will happen over YoutubeLive and all the participants will be shared a link for the same. For queries write to us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.

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