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Spices from your pots to your garden

Workshop on Spices from your Pots to your Kitchen

Workshop on Spices from your Pots to your Kitchen

India produces a variety of spices. Spices are used in different forms – whole, chopped, ground, roasted, sautéed, fried, and topping. Indians love food that has a blend of different flavors, and the blend happens because of the many spices at our disposal!

But wouldn’t you like to have fresh spices grown at your own home? So to learn how to grow these Indian Household Spices, join us for our upcoming workshop this weekend on ‘Spices from your Pots to your Kitchen’ on 4th September 2021 with our speaker Deepika Joshi, a hardcore gardener who loves gardening and also owns a terraced Garden! She has always been keen on experimenting with her plants, sharing them, and inspiring people through her YouTube Channel She also has an active Facebook page Deepika’s Terrace Garden:

Things you can learn from this workshop:
1. Types Of Spices.
2. How to grow them at home?
3. Type of Pots Required for the variety of spices
4. How to look after them.
5. Can we propagate them locally?

Register on the link to get access to the event.
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The event will happen over YoutubeLive and all the participants will be shared a link for the same.
For queries write to us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.