Workshop on Stepping towards Sustainability

Workshop on Stepping towards Sustainability

Sustainability comes in many forms and has many benefits, but have you ever wondered what it means to live sustainably? Essentially, “sustainable living” defines a lifestyle that attempts to cut an individual’s and on a larger scale, the society’s dependence on the earth’s natural resources. A huge part of this type of living involves understanding how natural systems function and the need for the ecology to stay in balance. It is often called “earth harmony living” or “net-zero living”.

Sustainable living is achieved by making choices that aim to reduce our individual and collective environmental impact by making positive changes to offset climate change and reduce environmental damage. It means making choices today that will positively impact the planet tomorrow.

There are many ways to live sustainably, like buying local and in-season foods that are farmed sustainably, buying items made using recycled materials, or designed to be zero waste. To learn more about sustainable living come join us this Saturday 21st May 4-5 pm for our workshop on “Stepping towards Sustainability” with our speaker Mrunal Abhayraj Jadhav. She is a very young gardener aged 17 years, studying in 12th standard and she started her gardening journey 3 years back and is learning and working towards a sustainable lifestyle. She shares about her journey on her Instagram page “lifewithplants_”.

Topic to be covered:
1. Changes in daily lives to start a sustainable life
2. Importance of sustainability
3. Composting
4. Bio enzymes
5. Reusing waste

The event will happen over YoutubeLive and all the participants will be shared a link for the same. For queries write to us at or message us on Facebook.

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