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Workshop on Urban Permaculture

Workshop on Urban Permaculture

Big cities and urban lifestyles keep us away from the beauty of lush fields around us. To make us feel closer to nature and help mother earth the concept of Urban Permaculture was started. Urban Permaculture aims to transform cities, by making them greener and more sustainable, by giving residents the option to join a more holistic way of living, even in big cities. It helps to create a continuous cycle where everything is used to its fullest potential, and nothing is wasted.

Come join us this Saturday 23rd April 4-5 pm for our workshop on “Urban Permaculture” with our speaker Teja Shilpa. She is a textile designer by profession and a permaculture designer by passion. She is currently designing and implementing Permaculture principles at Oorna farm, to make it an alternative self-sustaining learning space and farm. And in this workshop, she will be sharing with us how we can bring Permaculture into our urban societies. You can check out her amazing work on her Instagram page “oornafarm” and also connect her on her personal page “shilpateja.

Topics to be covered:
1. Permaculture introduction
2. Ethics
3. Building ecosystem
4. Permaculture in an urban context
5. Soil
6. Water
7. Companion planting
8. Pest control

The event will happen over YoutubeLive and all the participants will be shared a link for the same. For queries write to us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.

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