Gardening- a fun Activity in leisure

Gardening- a fun Activity in leisure

Introduction to gardening:

                                          To feel free, To live free

Hectic schedules, restless lives, and workloads have this deep impact on our lives that some of us might have forgotten what true happiness is. 

Gardening is a prudent act through which one can not only cultivate a garden but also renaissance own happiness. Though gardening seems like a pastime it owes the tendency to enhance health via cultivating vegetables and fruits i.e. organic food, to enhance the lifestyle through cultivating herbs, and to cheer up the atmosphere through growing up flowers which are also known as ‘butterfly gardening’. 

Gardening is a fun activity in leisure, it is more like feeling self, it is the tendency to grow something, to cultivate, and consequently whenever you harvest that “sense of achievement “ is all that matters. 

Before starting with the description of YouTube tutorial with contrivances to enhance your skills in gardening, here are some  pro tips to start gardening

Here are some important gardening tips -: 
  • Use enormous pots for root vegetables and quite big pots to plant in groups to get a better harvest.
  • Blend the soil and along with it mix 60% of garden soil and 40% of compost soil
  • For root vegetables, add 20% river sand or perlite. 
  • Drill some drainage holes at the bottom to avoid root rot. 
  • Almost all plants need 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. 
  • Keep the soil a little moist at all times. 
  • Feed your plants regularly to get a good size harvest. 

And to vanish the atmosphere of worries and debris here are some YouTube tutorials to cultivate your garden because to cultivate a proper garden all you need is few contrivances and some guidance. The tutorial will help you to grow your garden along with happiness. 

Here is the written presentation of our very first gardening tutorial

1. Ekta Chaudhary:

  Our first video is on a YouTube channel called “Ekta Chaudhary “ about gardening for kids. Childhood is something full of enthusiasm and learning curiosity because childhood is also full of puzzles. If you want your child’s upbringing must be positive then you should watch this video. The narrator of the video has used Hindi language and simple gestures that are coherent. It shows proper guidance along with the vegetables and fruits which kids can grow easily with joy. You don’t have to endeavor with gardening because it is more about care, love, and patience just like our relationships with human beings. 

The narrator has also revealed the seed names which are easily cultivated. Such as wheat, tomato, Spanish, fenugreek, and also mustard. 

Here is the link to open the video. So much learning and fun are waiting for you. 

2.Garden up: 

  Another video is from the YouTube channel “garden up” and the title of the video Is “winter Garden “. It had an alignment of proper steps for post-monsoon gardening up 

With few steps. 

Here is a quick review of the following steps 

  • Cleaning the cultivating area, balcony, or any piece of land because filth is harmful to garden plants.
  • To start cultivation, you must focus on soil quality and the type of vessel in which you are going to grow plants. 
  • Choose the seeds according to your preferences. After pouring the water into vessels, cover the mouth of the vessel with tarpaulin for a few days to protect the moisture. 
  • During the entire process of cultivation, be aware of pests and their treatment but remember conjecture about pest control leads to the destruction of plants.
  • A homemade spray with the help of neem oil, water, and soap solution is useful and eco-friendly. The entire process may lead to the yellowing of leaves but new leaves will come out within a few weeks. 
  • When a new seed germinates and the soil dries up, add water regularly. 
  • Also, provide support to vine climbers.

Here is the link to the video for visual representation. 

3.Garden ups: 

  Another video is also from the YouTube channel “garden ups “ 

This tutorial video is for beginners and also a representation of various types of plants under unlike circumstances. 

For an organic garden, every single ingredient should be chemical-free. I.e. use only organic and kitchen products, also various links are provided by the user of different materials in case something is missing from your garden. This video is more like a prologue along with some episodes. 

Here is the link to the video. 

4.Urban gardening: 

  This video is from the YouTube channel “Urban Gardening “ 

This video is also for beginners and it also describes the method to cultivate few vegetables which are easy to cultivate and also easy to harvest for an amateur with proper guidance. 

These vegetables are -: 

  • Chilies -: For a better result, use seeds, sprinkle seeds and mix with soil. 
  • Peas -: Soak seeds in water 12-14 hrs before pouring into the soil. 
  • Tomatoes -: Always provide support to the plant because it might fall due to the heavyweight of tomatoes. 
  • Garlic -: Sandy soil is favorable and try to avoid wet and soggy conditions. 
  • Reddish-:  This is the fastest-growing vegetable and can be easily grown under normal circumstances.

This is the link to the video 

5.Garden tips:

  This is our last showcase but very useful because it reveals some shocking tips for the betterment of gardening. This video is from the YouTube channel “Garden Tips“. Here are some questions related to gardening and answers with proper illustration

Those questions are: 

  • Can earthworms into the soil of potted plants be useful? 

– And the answer is partly yes because earthworms are useful but try to choose red wigglers earthworms but not too small tender plants. 

  • Whether it is useful to put stones on the bottom of the container? 

– The answer is that indeed it is a myth and does not only help but also takes up the space of the soil. Try to use net clothes or plastic mesh. 

  • Do Potted plants need to change the soil periodically? 

– And the answer is partly yes and change the soil after examining It and this can be done with the help of root bounds, soil Compacting, yellowing of leaves, and slow growth? 

  • Do exposed roots get hurt? 

– And the answer is that plants do not get hurt directly by sunlight but heat, air, and algae hurt it because algae steal the oxygen, and eventually it destroys the plant. 

Here is the link for the video. So, click on the links and check all these informative videos to enjoy the gardening!


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