How To Start A Miniature Fairy Garden?

How To Start A Miniature Fairy Garden?

Isn’t it fascinating to enter a colorful world of flowers, and a miniature fairy garden, play soft music in the background, and enjoy the time after a hectic day?

There are many fruitful reasons to grow a miniature garden which is your little world of happiness. You can start setting up the miniature garden at any time. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the ways to start your miniature garden today and start showing creativity.

How To Select A Place To Create A Miniature Fairy Garden?

You may create it indoor or outdoor according to your preference. Choose a container with holes to plant the trees. The container can be made with tin, glass, terra cotta, bowls, wooden boxes, and mud flower pots

Choose Fertile Soil For The Miniature Garden

Apply potting mix or choose the soil which is rich in organic matter like cow dung, vermicompost, seaweed fertilizer, neem cake powder, neem oil, and vegetable or banana peels. Make sure to have a proper drainage system for passing the extra water. On the layer of the soil, put colorful pebbles and crystals to make it more attractive. 

How To Choose Plants For The Miniature Garden?

Choose plants that have small leaf, small flowers, and the height is not so big. If you are planting outdoors then check if they can resist the full sun. Or if growing indoors, then check if it can sustain in partial sunlight or no sunlight. Select plants that are suitable for the place where you want to create the miniature garden. There are many interesting shapes and vibrant color flowers, and pots available. Do not overcrowd the container with plants, as there will be decorations in the container. 

Which Plants Are Good For Miniature Garden?

The plants which are good for miniature gardening are:

  1. Rosemary
  2. Succulents
  3. Ivy
  4. Calendula
  5. Miniature rose
  6. Ferns
  7. Baby tears
  8. Ornamental strawberry
  9. Primroses
  10. Tiny violas
  11.  Small bonsai trees
  12. Licorice plants

What Are The Accessories Needed To Decorate The Miniature Fairy Garden?

Now, this is the final step to decorate the miniature garden. Small benches, a fairy house, birdhouses, animals, fairies, watering cans, chairs, miniature snails, miniature mushrooms, and wooden pot stickers will add colors to the garden. Make a cute little fence with the ice cream sticks. There are many fascinating small decorations available online to add colors to the garden.

So, start showing your creativeness today and have fun while creating your miniature garden. 

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Happy Gardening!

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