Calathea Roseopicta Sapling (1pc)


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Calathea Roseopicta improving the quality of the air you’re breathing and induce feelings of calmness and alertness. Do not overwater the plant, water them before the soil gets dry. This plant will come in a 1-inch net pot. Please do not remove the plant from the net pot and plant it directly in a larger pot. Do not overwater the plant. Also, check out our workshops for more details.

  1. Number of saplings in a net pot – 1
  2. Sapling Height – 2 inches
  3. Watering – When soil dries then only water.
  4. Sunlight – Bright light indirect sunlight
  1. Difficulty Level – Moderate
  2. Leaves Color – Rosy Pink Dark Green leaves
  3. Full Plant Height- 20-23 feet
  4. Type – Indoors
  5. Feed – during spring in the ratio 10-10-10
  6. Watering – once in a week, make sure the soil is only damp.
  7. Sunlight – Bright indirect light
  8. Suitable Temperature – 65°F-85°F 

Botanical name: Calathea roseopicta
calathea roseopicta plant sapling in hindi: kailaathiya rojopikta paudha(कैलाथिया रोजोपिक्टा पौधा)
calathea roseopicta plant sapling in kannada: Kyālathiyā rōsopikṭā sasya(ಕ್ಯಾಲಥಿಯಾ ರೋಸೊಪಿಕ್ಟಾ ಸಸ್ಯ)
calathea roseopicta plant sapling in tamil: கலத்தியா ரோசோபிக்டா தாவரச் செடிகள்
calathea roseopicta plant sapling in telugu: Kalāthiyā rōsōpikṭā mokka(కలాథియా రోసోపిక్టా మొక్క)
calathea roseopicta plant sapling in marathi: Kĕlēthiyā rōjhōpikṭā vanaspatī (कॅलेथिया रोझोपिक्टा वनस्पती)
calathea roseopicta plant sapling in malayalam: കലാത്തിയ റോസോപിക്ട സസ്യ തൈ
Other name: Goeppertia, Clathea


10 reviews for Calathea Roseopicta Sapling (1pc)

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    Such a refreshing sapling

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    packaging was good

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    Just so amazedover these saplings

  6. Savitra Reddy

    Just got a free gift with this!!

  7. Sanya Thomas

    Growing really well

  8. Samridhi Chauhan

    Nice to place to buy plants

  9. Prapti Singh

    good variety!!

  10. Amir Sheikh

    I’m in love with those

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Take a container with a drainage hole and fill it with loamy soil then slightly pree the seeds in the soil. Keep the container in a warm area with bright indirect light. 

Calathea plants need bright indirect sunlight and prefer higher humidity and they need water every 1-2 weeks.

  1. Take a sapling along with the net pot and choose the appropriate size of the container for your plant.
  2. Seal the holes of the pot at the bottom.
  3. Pour potting soil more than half of the size of the pot.
  4. Then make a hole with your finger in the center of the potting soil and place your sapling along with the net pot.
  5.  Cover it with soil again and water thoroughly.



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In spring and summer, fertilize calathea with a balanced all-purpose fertilizer such as a 10/10/10 NPK (nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium) ratio. This can be done monthly. If you don’t know when to fertilize, don’t do it. Over-fertilization is a common and difficult-to-fix problem in plants. 

Calathea is a beautiful houseplant grown for its spectacular foliage. The upper side of the leaf looks as if it had been painted with a beautiful brush stroke. Often artistically patterned with many shades of green. The underside of the leaves is often burgundy colored. 

Calathea plants are popular plants used for indoor decorative purposes. It is widely used in homes and businesses. It is a plant species that prefers indirect lighting and is ideal for indoors and office buildings. Calathea plants are popular indoors because they are generally easy to care for, look great, and provide bright green plants that liven up any indoor space. 

Calathea is a popular houseplant because it is relatively easy to care for. It can be planted in various planters and locations. This means it can be placed in many different locations. 

  • Move away from all windows.
  • Check temperature.
  • Cut off dead leaves. 
  • Look for signs of pests. 
  • Examine the roots. 
  • Cut and clean the root clumps. 
  • Repot in well-ventilated soil.


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