Coir Coins (1 Coin)


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Biodegradeable coir coins.
Coir Coins (1 Coin) 14
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Coir coins are 100% biodegradable so seedling planted directly into soil has less transplant shock problem. These Pellets are made of sterile coco peat growing medium, enclosed in a decomposable linen bag. No pot is needed, and the growing medium offers great aeration and water retention. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


These Coir Coins are made of sterile coco peat growing medium, enclosed in a decomposable linen bag. This net biodegrades in garden soil or compost, but it retains strength through the critical seedling and transplant stages.


Coir used in soil blends helps retain water while allowing for sufficient drainage and aeration. It promotes strong root top growth with a plant-friendly pH and the capacity to hold nutrients. It is disease-free, pest-free, and weed-free.


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Weight 2 g

Aeration, Garden Soil Components, Soil Moisture Holding

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15 reviews for Coir Coins (1 Coin)

  1. Anvi Kapoor

    These are a great way to start seeds without having to worry about them drying out

  2. Aarav Joshi

    Nurture your plants with Coir Coins, the eco-friendly choice for seed starting

  3. Keyur Reddy

    Great Quality

  4. Siya Desai

    Convenient planting

  5. Hanu sharma

    Very helpful in the growth, best for plants.

  6. Diljit Singh

    Worth buying

  7. Yovani Gowda

    Amazing one

  8. Adhithyaprabha


  9. Athvika Chauhan

    Nice one

  10. Rajju (verified owner)

    Very very useful.. fully satisfied

  11. Kundanika Sharma


  12. Amardeep

    Effective product

  13. mahindra

    helpfull product

  14. Jyoti Shevada

    Very nice product

  15. Avni jain

    Promoting the growth from the root tips. Good product 👌🏻

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