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Top 10 Sustainable Gift Products Available Online In India

Top 10 Sustainable Gift Products Available Online In India

Buying gifts is a joyful process. When we give our gifts their happiness also makes us happy. So choosing the best one is always essential. What makes them double happy? It will always be the sustainable ones. You are not only reducing the carbon on Earth but also inspiring your loved ones. Are you thinking about buying eco-friendly gifts? Then we will provide you with a list of what to buy.

1. Rocket book

Rocket book is a reusable notebook. Do you wish there was a way to let that frequent note-taker in your life write all they want while they pose no threat to the environment? These books are cloud-connected notepads. You can take notes and wipe them after it is done without wasting paper and save our earth.

2. Biodegradable phone cases

If we come to think of all the plastics around the world, it gets unbelievably overwhelming. We throw away old and used phone cases and it is a threat to mother earth. Here are the biodegradable phone cases that easily degrade on earth. Gift your loved ones with this sustainable gift.

3. Solar phone charger

We are on our phones nearly all the time. So battery consumption is very high and it will die faster. Have you ever thought about what impact charging can have on earth? It is reducing our resources day by day. These solar charges not only reduce harm to the environment but also provide some extra features like 50% charging speed, more than one charge slot, etc.

4. Stainless steel water bottle

These types of water bottles can hold heat and cold water for many hours. Plastic water bottles can be seen everywhere. And it cannot be degraded. So why not shift to stainless steel bottles? It can also keep you healthy.

5. Coconut candles

Coconut candles reduce the usage of power and are not harmful to the environment. They are handmade and are not power-consuming. Why don’t we skip to these types of handmade candles instead of using lamps and all? Think about it.

6. Beeswax food wrap

While traveling and packaging foods, we always choose aluminum foils or other foiled papers. Now in the market, we have beeswax food wrap available. This reduces the usage of these harmful substances and can keep your food safe to consume.

7. Reusable produce bags

We always use plastic bags and reuse them for a very long time. Have you ever thought about how damaging it is to our planet? Think wisely and stop the usage of plastics. We have a lot of substitutes available online. One of them is eco-friendly produce bags. They can be used to store fruits, vegetables, and even clothes.

8. Wooden cutlery and plate

Nowadays, items made of wood are becoming trending. One of them is the wooden plates and spoons. We should also try using these wooden-made items. It is because these are not harmful to the environment and can be reusable for months and years.

9. Stainless steel straw

Whichever shops we go to, we can find plastic straws. Replace these with stainless steel ones. These types of straws can be used for many long years. They are not harmful to the earth and do not bring any harm to us.

10. Bamboo pots

There has been an increased usage of plastic pots. These are not only harmful to us and mother earth but also to the plants that grow in it. So it is time to change your pots to natural bamboo ones.

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