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Best 10 Sustainable gifts online India-2021

India is the land of festivals. We have festivals for every season, be it Summer or Winter. We love commemorating the big occasions that happened in the past as festivals and celebrate them. We celebrate Diwali in the name of Shree Ram, Rakhi to strengthen the bond of Brother-sister and Holi to represent the triumph of good over bad. Additionally, there are Birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate for oneself! Some people view them as festivals while some others just get confused about what to gift?  Here is a list of sustainable gifts items online that you can gift your loved ones and relatives for every occasion in 2021.

1. Plantable Seed Balls

Plantable seed balls are what you need if you know someone who loves gardening but hates to plant the seeds! You can also buy it for yourself if you are such a person. Plantable seed balls are the easiest way of planting seeds in your garden. All you need to do is place them in your garden and water them. They are quick and easy to use. These are balls of red soil with a stuffing of seeds. Preferably seed ball contains seeds that turn out to a trees over time. They are an amazing option for a gift if you happen to know a gardening enthusiast!

2. Germination Kit

If you know someone who wants to start gardening and would love to get a beginner’s gardening kit, then the germination kit is for you! This kit contains a cocopeat, a seedling tray, seeds, a spray bottle, and a wooden spoon. These are the best sustainable gifts online that you will find in a sustainable living store. The purpose of each product is listed below:

  • Cocopeat: It is made by extracting and grinding coconut husk. Cocopeat is recommended for gardening as it retains moisture and does not soak in excessive water, this prevents the plant from getting root rot. 
  • Seedling tray: The seedling tray is used to plant the seeds easily and for easy germination. The seedling tray has 4 holes in it for the seeds. The seedling tray is provided to ensure that the plantation is not done in big buckets, as some people do. The seedling tray is reusable.
  • Spray Bottle: One spray bottle will be provided in the germination kit to make it easier for the person to water the seeds. Some people overwater the plants, which results in no good but also kills the plant. The spray bottle provides the necessary moisture to the plant, without killing it.
  • Wooden Spoon: The wooden spoon is given for the user to plant the seeds or handle cocopeat to make it convenient for the person.

3. Seed Card

A seed card is a biodegradable paper that is used for gifting seeds in a different way. It is made of waste paper by adding seeds while setting the paper in the frame. After the handmade paper gets dry, the small flower seed is embedded in it which is further planted in the garden. Tear the paper, dig the soil and plant the seed card in it. As soon as the seed starts growing, the paper will compost away. You can also get your customized message written on the seed card! It works great for gifting purposes.

4. Sustainable Lifestyle Pack

This lifestyle pack is biodegradable and does no harm to the environment. We care about mother nature but are most often not provided with any options to not harm it. But now you do! In the sustainable lifestyle pack, all products are made using bamboo and are reusable. This lifestyle pack comes under the best sustainable products online. The Lifestyle Pack has 4 products i.e. Bamboo Toothbrush, Natural Reusable Bamboo Straw, Anti-hair fall neem Wooden Comb, and Wooden tongue cleaner

These are products which we find in every household but if we can make a change, then why not protect our nature even while brushing our teeth?

5. Self Watering Bird

Are you tired of watering the plants every day after every few hours? The self-watering bird is self-explanatory. It will water your plants on its own! It is a delicate bird made up of glass, with an open pipe made up of fiber to water the plant. It is mostly used to maintain office gardens and would look classy as a gift! It is also a great option if you’re planning to go on a vacation but are worried about your plants. The self-watering bird will work perfectly for at least 2 weeks. All you have to do is fill the bird with water and the rest will be taken care of by the self-watering bird!

6. Cow Dung Diya

The cow dung diya is purely made of cow dung, not buffalo dung. It is made of cow dung, Gow Mutra, milk, quark, and ghee and is specifically made to act as a mosquito repellant. Buy sustainable products to reap environmental and economical benefits. All you have to do with the cow dung diya is:

  • Fill the cow dung diya with ghee/oil,
  • Light it up,
  • Put a wich in the Diya,
  • Place it in an insect prone area.

Let it do its magic. You can also make this cow dung diya by yourself and send these to your loved ones.

7. Raw White Honey

On the holy occasion, buy sustainable gifts and send to your relatives and friends raw and organic honey without any preservatives. Raw Honey is unprocessed natural raw honey, which is extracted from the hives of Uttarakhand. The honey is free of any type of antibiotics, preservatives, or adulterants. Since it is made of purely natural methods, the honey may crystallize in winters.

Add this cute bottle of honey to your customized gift box which makes the whole gift more attractive and sweater. You can use this honey in salads, shakes, dishes and can consume it directly as well. This is the best replacement for sugar for your dishes.

8. Hawan Samagri

Hawan Samagri is the most important thing in a puja. The Hawan Samagri is a mixture of dried herbal roots and leaves burnt during yagnas and homas. The Hawan Samagri diffuses into the air to purify the environment for the puja. This hawan samagri can be used for every type of puja. 

Besides purifying the environment, it also has antibacterial properties and activates the air to act as a germicidal agent. Different types of medicines and herbs are vaporized when sacrificed to the hawan kund fire, which then enters human bodies in a gaseous state through the nose and mouth, reaching the lungs and pores of the skin.

9. Cow Dung Dhoop

Cow Dung Dhoop made from natural substances purifies the environment and is safe to use daily without any side effects. It also cures VASTU and kills various viruses and bacteria harmful to human health. Many people prefer to buy sustainable gifts products and cow dung dhoop for the sole reason to convert negative energy in their lives into positive energy. It is effective and creates a positive environment at home or the workplace. After burning it, it gives powerful smoke for the first 30 minutes but it is not harmful and can be used daily with no fear of any side effects. Here’s how to use it:

  • Light the tip
  • Blow it lightly till the flame turns red
  • Keep it in an incense burner
  • Let it spread all around the room.

10. Vintage Seed Bottle

Vintage seed gifting bottles are a very good gift to present on any occasion and who doesn’t love them? The Vintage Seed Bottle is a 10 ml bottle with cork as a cap. It contains seeds of mostly flowers and a note wrapped with a jute thread. This note is the name of the seed with a QR code, which when you scan will take you to the procedure of sowing and the growing seed. Outside the bottle, it has a Thank you note written on a colored tag which is wrapped on the neck of the bottle with a jute thread.

Jute thread is a big contribution to the environment and also a replacement of plastic for any gift items. Try to make customized sustainable gifts that save the environment and help people to remember you for a longer time.

Seeds and Sustainable living are the best examples for this season to make everyone’s life happier and healthier.

Some more Customised Gifting Ideas!

  • Make a pack of some seeds, coir pots, and manure. Wrap it in a beautiful handmade box with a cute note on the top of it.
  • Germination kit with minature toys can be a good option for them who are beginners into Gardening.
  • Seed card is the most cheapest option that can be added to any gift box. You can write your own message inside it.
  • Best Potting soil with Gardening tools can also be gifted to pro gardeners. Try these sustainable gifts this 2021.

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Cheers to happy Gardening!

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