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Best 5 Sustainable products online India to gift-Diwali 2021

Best 5 Sustainable products online India to gift-Diwali 2021

Best 5 Sustainable Products to Gift For Diwali

India is a land full of festivals. Diwali is at our doorstep. During these festivals, we share our happiness with the ones we love. But what makes their happiness more pleasurable? It is the gifts or surprises. Every time choosing or purchasing gifts has been a problem. Because we are confused about what to gift. Whatever it may be, it should be useful. So here we are giving you Diwali gift ideas that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

List Of 5 Sustainable Gifts Online


Who doesn’t like food? Health is an important factor. For that, eating healthy should be the motto. Gifting MICROGREENS growing kit is the best idea. As it is healthy, it makes them happy and also we will be satisfied that we gave something healthy. They are easy to maintain also. This microgreens kit would be more useful for urban people.


A house or a room full of sweet fragrances gives us positive energy and a pleasant feeling. Incense sticks are a commonly used product in our households. This would be a great gift for anyone. There are several flavored and textured incense sticks in our market. But why don’t we try a different one? Dry flowers have great demand nowadays. They can be easily preserved and are easily available. While buying, be careful that it is organic or handmade. Because there are many other sticks available that are not organic. This Diwali, surprise them with dry flower incense sticks.


Diwali is nothing without diyas. They are the ones that bring the mood or ambiance to a festival. You may think that this may not be a good idea as everyone will have diyas at their house. But why don’t we gift them with some handmade eco-friendly diyas? There are several ideas for handmade diyas. Some of them are:

Clay Diyas

Cow dung diya

Terracotta Diya


If your loved ones are plant lovers, this would be a great gift option. Succulents are cute looking and also easy to maintain. They are also culturally important. Succulents are said to bring fortune, luck, tenacity, and strength. These plants live longer and also provide an aesthetic effect. Grab a pack of succulents and gift it to your special person.


Nobody gets tired of cool design bags. So what about gifting an attractive bag that is eco-friendly? Who would say no to a bag that is comfortable to carry and attractive in looks? Jute bags are so comfy and cute looking. Even without designs, it looks perfect. They are spacious and breathable also. There are so many new collections available online. It is affordable also.

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