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Top 10 Best Online Gardening Stores

If you are looking for stores to help you get started with your garden, look no further. Here we have put together a list of the top 10 online gardening stores to choose from according to your needs.

1. The Affordable Organic Store

To start with, as its name suggests it is absolutely pocket friendly. This online gardening store comes with a very user-friendly page. It offers an array of gardening related products, which are segmented well for ease of customers. It provides everything from herb seeds to flower bulbs and from fancy flower pots to sustainable manures and fertilizers. It not only has excellent offers throughout the year but also provides free delivery all over India for offers above 150. The option that it provides, to avail of smaller quantities of seeds, makes it very feasible. One can also avail gardening equipments and miniature garden toys here. It promotes sustainable living, therefore, it offers a collection of sustainable products such as cow dung diyas and wooden combs. 

Below every seed or plant that a customer clicks on, there is a description of that particular seed or plant. It includes details about the kind of plant it is and what kind of care it requires. It goes to the extent of explaining when and what manure a plant requires. Additionally, it offers gardening workshops and has the option of “blogs” available. 

Orders are delivered within 3-15 days of placing the order. Refunds and returns are possible on necessary grounds.

This online gardening store aims to work towards building a sustainable gardener’s community as well as help people lead a rich life at an affordable cost. It aspires to put a plant in every household.

2. All That Grows

All that grows is an online gardening store that has an app available on both Google Play Store and on istore, making it easily accessible for both android and IOS users. In comparison to many other online gardening stores, this store does not offer a very discreet list of seeds and plants. However, it has a very unique feature that enables a buyer to make use of a QR code present on every packet of seed sold by this store. Upon scanning this QR in their mobile app, the customer can get all the information about how to grow that particular seed and how to look after it. They have various kits and gifts to choose from. They also have a “wholesale” option available on their site. They also offer gardening equipments.

Although the customer has to bear the cost of returning a product, Return, refund, exchange and cancellation are comparatively simple processes, available within 7 days of purchase. They offer blog and newsletter services to any customer willing to avail themselves. Additionally, they provide free shipping and two free seed samples on every purchase above 500.

3. NurseryLive

NurseryLive is an online gardening store that has carefully displayed an assemblage of various categories of plants. It has plant packages in accordance to their features, like air purifying plants; type, like air plants; flowering plants, like flowering creepers; Foliage and colour as well. It offers a similarly displayed collection of seeds and bulbs. All of these are divided in accordance to their colour, favourable location of growth, etc, making it easier for the shopper to choose while keeping in mind what they want in their plants. This online gardening store consists of options to choose from in soil & fertilizers too. In addition to the above they also sell pebbles and garden accessories, while also offering workshops online, and blogs. 

They have a decent amount of offers almost throughout the year. Lastly, they have an app available on Google play store and apple store as well, making this online gardening store easily accessible via phones as well. However, there is no return policy available, cancellation has to be made within a day, and is up to the company’s discretion.

4. Green Oxy Home

This online gardening store offers a specific list of various kinds of ready to place plants which helps one shop with less confusion. Under every plant that it offers, it provides descriptive advice to help one take care of them. They also offer real-time guidance from experts on WhatsApp.  For people with gardens along with pets to maintain, this store is a one-stop destination. Birdcare products such as bird boxes, cages, food, feeders and accessories are available here. They have care products for small animals such a guinea pigs and mice, and for dogs and cats. Fish care products such as fish food and aquarium accessories are also available here. 

Returns and refunds are available if the plant is damaged or even if it isn’t up to your taste.  Returns aren’t available for indoor plants. The cost of returning has to be endured by the customer. A discount of Rs. 50 is available on all prepaid orders. This site has a section for special requests.

5. Root Bridges

Upon opening this online gardening store site one is welcomed to a very aesthetic sight. Within this page, a customer can find an array of seeds and various kinds of pots to choose from. Soil, manure and pest management equipments and products are also found here. They furthermore sell gardening tools and plant accessories along with gifting options. It has an option labelled as “knowledge centre” where there are various links available for more information on various plants.

A drawback on this site is that no returns are available, however, replacements can be made. One can avail the option of COD (Cash on Delivery) by paying an additional fee of Rs.50. They offer fast deliveries, that is, they deliver within 8-10 days, all over India. Free shipping is available on orders above 499 and a free plant feed is available with every purchase

6. Jagtap Nursery’s Garden Centre

They have a very eye-pleasing online gardening store which offers a great variety of products. They offer outdoor and indoor plants; Garden Accessories and Fertilizers. It has an interesting collection of wind chimes and fibre plastic pots. They also have a distinct collection of self-watering pots. 

In addition, they provide blogs on plant care and gifting options. No returns can be made unless a product is refused at the doorstep during delivery. Exchanges cannot be made. Their motto, “Wake Up Fresh Everyday”, Is something we would certainly love to follow. 

7. Seed2plant

Seed2plant has an assembly of biopesticides and fertilizers, along with an excellent collection of seeds to select from. They also sell gardening accessories and potting supplies. Grow bags are a distinct feature of this store. They seem to specialize in grow bags and growth promoters. They offer a 5 years warranty on their grow bags. So, if grow bags are what you’re looking for, this is definitely the store for you.

This online gardening store has an app available for cell phones, making it more easily accessible. The option of “wholesale” is available in this store. Delivery is free for orders above 499. Products are returnable within 10 days of receiving.  For exchanges and replacements, the cost has to be endured by the customer.

8. MyBageecha

Offering special offers throughout the year, this online gardening store has an array of options to choose from. It sells plants, seeds and bulbs, plants and pots and gardening equipments. It has a diverse collection of planting pots to place in hardens and inside homes. Furthermore, what sets it apart is the moss frames that it offers for sale, these are frames with actual moss in them which require no watering or attention. It also sells preserved tabletops and stationery such as pressed flower diaries. If aesthetics is one of your major requirements, this is the online gardening store for you.

9. Reach Your Garden

 This online gardening store offers plant-based products, seeds, compost & manures, gardening essentials with exciting combination packs too. They have a collection of beautiful products like the Adenium Obesium Pink and Antirrhinum Mixed. Returns cannot be made while shopping from this store. This website is dedicated to helping people with growing their own foods at home and providing help with plant care 24/7, which in turn will help save the environment from fertilizers and pesticides through farming.


BAZODO offers grow bags organic fertilizers, seeds, garden accessories and coir pots. It has its own blog and newsletter available. Its return policy is pretty simple. One can return any product within 7 days of receiving it. However, the cost of the return has to be endured by the customer. There are combination kits available on this online gardening store. They deliver almost all over India and they also have a feature on their page that allows a customer to type in their pin code to check if delivery is possible in their area.

Hope this list of 10 best online Gardening store helps your get all your gardening requirements!

Some Customised Gifting Ideas from The Affordable Organic Store!

  • Make a pack of some seeds, coir pots, and manure. Wrap it in a beautiful handmade box with a cute note on the top of it.
  • Germination kit with minature toys can be a good option for them who are beginners into Gardening.
  • Seed card is the most cheapest option that can be added to any gift box. You can write your own message inside it.
  • Best Potting soil with Gardening tools can also be gifted to pro gardeners. Try these sustainable gifts this 2021.

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