Best 5 aesthetic vine climber in India.

Best 5 aesthetic vine climber in India.

Vine climbers are the aesthetic Permalink which grows with the help of support and that support could be a wall fence ,tree etc… Vine climbers are alluring plants which provides greenery and an aesthetic landscape.

Some benefits of having vine climbers

  • They provide shade which helps you to take find peace even in sunlight.
  • They helps in beautician with their natural beauty.
  • Vine climbers are natural source of “Phyto meditation” which means they cleans and purifies the environment.

Types Of Vine Climbers

There are many types of vine climbers which you can easily grow at your place with least or similar efforts as you do to grow other plants.

Some of the vine climbers

Virginnia Creeper Vine

Virginnia creeper is also known as fastest growing vine along with it decipher an alluring view .

How to grow :

  • Take the amended –compost soil.
  • These vines need wide range of space so try to plant them directly at outer space.
  • Much support is not necessary so you can grow near fence just make it more beautiful.
  • Regular water and fertilizer is important because the range is really wide.

Crumbling Roses Vine

Rambling rose belongs to other roses family and they are mostly grow to enhance to beauty of garden.

How to grow :

  • To grow rambling roses, you need to have cold moist soil.
  • After seeding to seeds into seedling tray, cover the tray with plastic wrap to lock the moisture.
  • Once the sprouts come out, be careful with the transplant process.
  • The space between each plant should be of 5-6 inches.
  • These vines need good support so try to grow them near wall or provide support with sticks.

Money Plant Vine

We all are familiar with money plants and it is very common vine which can be easily find out anywhere in our neighborhood. The most unique feature of money plant is that they can be grown in soil as well as in water while their roots visible to sunlight. Money plants are also source of positive energy and to improves the quality of air.

How to grow :

Money plant can be grow in water but it is recommend to grow the vine in soil for better growth.

  • The soil should be moist and richness of manure .
  • There should be timetable and balance between watering and dry up process because money plants likes the humidity .
  • the plant should be placed near the direct sunlight with proper support.

Kiwi Vine

Kiwi is a vine climbers gives you aesthetic look and fruits.

some of benefits having kiwi in regular breakfast is

  • helps in digestion,
  • boosts immunity,
  • improves eyesight
  • cures heart disease.

How to grow :

  • The soil should be acidic soil and well drained because of their nature.
  • Kiwi need enough sunlight because they provides fruits so they need good amount of sunlight to grow faster.
  • They need proper support because fruits weight would make it fall due to gravity.

Perennial sweet pea

Perennial sweet pea are vine climbers which have beautiful flowers and amazing view which will make your garden look beautiful.

How to grow:

  • The soil should be well drained and compost
  • The seeds should be warm
  • Cover the seedling tray with plastic wrap to capture the moisture
  • During the transplant process make sure you leave enough distance between each plant.
  • Provide support to them.

If your environment is more green then your soul is in more peace

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