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We are working towards building a sustainable gardeners community as well as help people lead a rich life at an affordable cost.

The Affordable Organic Store is your one stop shop catering to all your garden needs. We provide high quality gardening solutions, vegetable, flower, herbs & fruit seeds and many more!

The team at our warehoure

We're overjoyed to have empowered over a hundred thousand amazing women with opportunities to work alongside us!

Our Mission

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that quality shouldn’t be a luxury but a right. Our mission? To turn that belief into reality! We’re on a mission to make the world a better place, one affordable product at a time!

Our Vision

Imaginе a world whеrе anyonе, anywhеrе, can buy fantastic products without swеating ovеr thе pricе tag. Our vision is simple – we’re dreaming big for a world where everyone, regardless of where they are or what they earn, has easy access to products and services that won’t break the bank. Join us in painting this vision into reality!

Our Story

The Affordable Organic Store was started by Mr Kamal Gupta and Mrs Manju Gupta. Mr Gupta retired from the Indian Air Force after serving it for 27 years while Mrs Gupta is a retired government school teacher. Together they wanted to work on helping people to lead a sustainable life at an affordable cost.

With this aim, they started The Affordable Organic Store in June 2020. Both of them were fond of gardening but found the available options in the market too expensive for a small balcony garden. Most of the options for buying seeds online provided seeds in bulk, but for their small balcony garden, they needed only a couple of seeds. They tried getting plants from the nursery but often their options were limited by the nursery stock. They also struggled to understand why their nursery plants would not survive for long at home.

With these struggles, they decided to start their store. In the initial days, they sold seeds after hand packing them themselves within Hyderabad. Today they have a team of around ten women. They help them in running the operations and deliver across India.

They are happy with their small initiative and take pride in serving every person who wants to start a garden. If you want to connect with them, do write to us at [email protected]

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You dream it we have it. We pride in having the finest to the rarest seeds from the best sources

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We provide the best quality gardening needs at the most affordable prices. Top quality, Top product.

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We provide free delivery on all orders above Rs 150. Avail the benefit by adding more to your cart.


Gardeners First, Business Second

Provide the best gardening solutions to balcony gardeners at the most affordable cost.


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All our seeds are graded repeatedly to select the finest seeds with the best germination rate.


Evolve every day

We are constantly striving to come up with better ways to enable masses to at least plant a plant.