Choose from the largest range of best and most affordable organic manure, vermicompost, cocopeat, Epsom salt, cow dung cakes online with free delivery above Rs 150. Vermicompost is complete plant nutrition, while Epsom salt helps in fruiting, cocopeat keeps your soil moist and if you want to grow the plants in the most traditional manner, we have cow dung cakes too. For the specialized folks, we offer seaweed fertilizer, mustard cake, rose mix, perlite, and castor powder too. If you are worried about pests, you can try neem powder and neem oils. We also provide colorful stones for garden decor. Free delivery across India above Rs 150.

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  • A hand holding some amount of vermiculite.
  • Sale! Finest Sphagnum Peat Moss on a white surface.
  • Beautiful pink and red colored rose flowers.
  • Finest brown colored powdered CocoPeat kept against a light background.
  • Finest Vermicompost
  • Sale! Best Leca Clay Balls
  • Sale! Two Thermoform(TFP) Pots.
  • A white bucket of waste which acts as a compost accelerator kept against a wooden background.
  • Small circle shaped DAP granules in a white spoon.
  • Sale! Rooting hormones granules
  • Finest white colored powder of perlite.
  • Sale! A bottle of 30 ml neem oil kept against a red background
  • Sale! Finest white colored powder of Epsom salt kept in between green leaves
  • Finest potting mix kept in the palms of hand
  • Magic Seaweed kept on sand against a seashore
  • Sale! Finest cow dung powder.
  • Sale! Finest Neem Cake Powder
  • Sale! Finest Mustard Oil Cake Powder
  • Sale! Red soil in a farm.
  • Sale! Beautiful red rose blooming in a garden
  • Sale! Multicolored crystal balls kept in a glass jar
  • Sale! White colored finest hydroGel powder.
  • Sale! Finest activated charcoal.
  • Sale! finest castor oil cake powder.
  • Biodegradeable coir coins.
  • Finest powder of Wood saw dust.
  • Desi Mosquito Repellent Cow Dung Cakes
  • Sale! Finest powder of Vermicompost.
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