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Garden accessories, seedling tray, desi khurpa (trowel), gardening tools, pots,  gardening gloves, planters, grow bags, moss sticks, stakes, support sticks, watering cans and everything you need for gardening at one place at affordable cost. We have coir pots/ planters that easily biodegrade over time. Our TFP or thermoform pots and planters are ultra-flexible and enable the easy transfer of plants. Our jute grows bags are made of strong jute to last ages. We also provide nursery black grow bags that are easy to use and very cheap. For big plants, we have large grow bags too. Our Garden tools are light and easy to use. We also have traditional Khurpa / trowel used in fields that will last ages.  Shop above ₹150 for free shipping.

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  • Sale! Garden plant cutter and pruner
  • Sale! Basic washable gardening gloves
  • Sale! Trowel/Spade kept in a soil
  • Sale! Best Leca Clay Balls
  • Sale!
  • Sale! Two Thermoform(TFP) Pots.
  • Sale! Plastic brown colored Gardening Pot
  • Sale! Finest Seedling tray with 4 holes
  • Sale! Coarse River Sand for healthy soil
  • Sale! Gardening Tools Set ( Cultivator, Small Trowel & Gardening Fork)
  • Sale! Black colored Grow Bag
  • Water Spray Gun
  • Sale! Finest Moss stick in a pot placed in a garden.
  • Sale! Artificial Lawn Grass with a pair of sleeper
  • Sale! Multicolored Railing Hook Flower Pots
  • Sale! Mini Terracota Pots with beautiful plants
  • A 3 inch Hydroponics Net Pot
  • Sale! Creeper clip clamped against a stem of a plant
  • Sale! Wooden support sticks for plants
  • Gardening Pot
  • Finest Medium Size Pot Saucer
  • Sale! Kids Gardening Tools
  • Sale!
  • Sale! Green colored watering can sprayer kept on the table.
  • Sale!
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