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  • The beautifully grown Aglaonema Lipstick Plant with pink shade on the leaves kept upon the wooden bench.
  • Sale! An Alocasia Velvet Black Plant Sapling in a brown pot placed on a wooden table with a grey sofa and pillows in background.
  • Sale! A hand holding a black money plant sapling in a white pot with white background
  • A beautiful Christmas Cactus Plant whit light magenta flowers planted in a brown pot which is placed near the window upon the white marble.
  • A beautifully grown Crassula Ovata Plant in a brown pot with a white background.
  • Sale! Two beautiful Desert Rose Adenium plant flowers and a little bud on a plant.
  • Sale! A Dieffenbachia Camille plant sapling in a black pot with some colouful pebbles in it.
  • Sale!
  • Sale! An Echeveria Mixed Succulent Indoor Plant with two flowers with a black background
  • Sale! A well grown Fairytale Cactus Elongated plant in a black pot kept on a wooden table.
  • Sale! A young and beautiful Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai Plant planted in a white ceramic pot.
  • laxmi kamal Haworthia Succulent plant green leaves on yellow background
  • Sale!
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