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Miniature Garden Toys

Try our range of cutest miniature garden toys/ fairy tale garden toys for decorating your gardens.  Miniature garden toys are small figurines used to decorate gardens, bonsai, terrariums, and even office desks. These miniature garden toys come in all shapes ranging from mushrooms, ladybugs, stickers, posts, fences, ducks, cows, cute couples, ceramic miniature meditating Buddha, plastic miniature rabbits, miniature tables, and chair sets. Get creative with our beautiful range. Free shipping above Rs 150 and many more offers.

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  • A Miniature Beer Bottles on a floor.
  • 3 different colorful Miniature Dollhouse Doughnuts on a blue and pink floor.
  • A set of colorful Miniature Dollhouse Ice Cream kept on a plate with a doll in the background.
  • A cute different Miniature Dollhouse Pastry arranged in a miniature white plate.
  • A Miniature Dollhouse Soda Can stacked one upon the other on the floor.
  • A cute and colorful pair of Miniature Owls on an artificial grass.
  • A cute several Miniature-Resin-Furry-Dogs.
  • A cute and small pair of Miniature Rabbits on an artificial grass.
  • A bunch of cute, colorful and tiny Miniature Mushrooms kept in between the grass.
  • A beautiful Miniature Polymer Clay Grapes in a small glass container with similar several Miniature Polymer Clay Grapes on the floor.
  • Several Miniature Polymer Clay Green Oranges fell out of a transparent jar.
  • Several variety of Miniature Polymer Clay Smiles on a hand.
  • Several colorful Miniature Polymer Clay Stars in a ceramic bowl.
  • A cute Miniature Resin Grey Bench on a floor.
  • A different color Miniature Hut on a soil with some herbs stems in the background.
  • A beautiful Miniature Sea Side Watch Light Tower on a grass.
  • A cute 2 Miniature Bird Nests on a wooden bench with a tree stem in the background.
  • A beautiful and colorful Miniature Resin Flowers.
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