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Buy indoor plants online for your home garden from The Affordable Organic Store. Select from more than 20 varieties of natural greens here. A plant around is like having a friend around. It can be used to pamper your loved ones by gifting them or for self-love and pampering themselves. A man’s greatest wealth is health. Indoor plants stimulate health through their air cleaning quality, emotional balance, stress reduction, remedies to cure from doctors by providing better sleep quality, and many more.
For beginners try to grow plants like money plants, snake plants, peace lilies, and lucky bamboo. Plant saplings are easy to care for and require low maintenance as they have steady growth. Free shipping above Rs.150.

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  • Sale!
  • Sale!
  • The beautifully grown Aglaonema Lipstick Plant with pink shade on the leaves kept upon the wooden bench.
  • A well-grown Anthurium Chocolate Plant with dark chocolate color flowers on it, with white as a background.
  • Sale! A hand holding a black money plant sapling in a white pot with white background
  • Sale! An Echeveria Mixed Succulent Indoor Plant with two flowers with a black background
  • Sale!
  • Sale! Beautiful Alocasia Amazonica Plant in a white pot kept on white table with light blue background
  • A well grown Marble Money Plant in which the leaves are falling out of the pot covered with wooden bag with dark color in the background.
  • Sale! A hand holding young Monstera Broken Heart Plant Sapling.
  • A healthy Peperomia green plant with several leaves in a pink pot with violet background
  • Sale! A beautifully grown Philodendron Oxycardium Golden Plant Sapling in a black pot kept on a white surface.
  • Sale! A beautifully grown Philodendron Oxycardium Golden Plant Sapling in a terracotta pot kept on a wooden table.
  • A well grown Rubber Plant in a brown pot which is kept in a corner of white wall.
  • A tall and well grown Peace Lily Plant with beautiful white flowers on it in a dark grey ceramic pot with a greyish mixed marble wall in a background.
  • Sale!
  • Sale!
  • Sale! A well grown ZZ Plant in vase with water in it, placed on a wooden desk with light blue sofa in the background.
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