Seeds For Plastic

The Affordable Organic Store now accepts payments in plastic as well. To reduce plastic waste and encourage the recycling of plastic, we have decided that we will provide seeds for plastic.

How to Pay by Plastic:

1. Collect all the plastic and clean it.

2. Send the plastic to this address: The Affordable Organic Store, 7-8-275, Gowtham Nagar, Ferozguda, Hyderabad 50011.

3. Send an email to us ( with the tracking number of the parcel and weight.

4. Once we receive the plastic, we will email a coupon to you that can be used to buy any seeds on our website.

How much would we pay for plastic?
We will pay Rs 50 for every kg of recyclable plastic that we receive. The same rates are applicable for other plastic wastes as well.

Can we send other wastes also?
We accept all kinds of recyclable wastes including metal, plastic and others.

What can we use the coupon for?
The coupon provided in return of plastic is applicable for seeds only. It cannot be used for other products or for waiving off shipping charges.

Have more questions, write in the comments below. Our team will answer it within 24 hours.

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