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Neem Oil (30ml)

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Buy the finest Neem Oil for Plants (30ml) Online for Gardening at the most affordable price of Rs.39 along with free Home Delivery across India at The Affordable Organic Store now.

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Neem Oil (30ml) 56 Original price was: ₹56.37Current price is: ₹37.
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Neem oil is a naturally occurring pesticide found in seeds from the Neem tree. It has been used for hundreds of years to control pests and diseases. Components of Neem oil can be found in many products today. Also, check out our workshops for more details.


Neem oil is obtained from the seed kernels of the Neem tree. It is deep yellow in color and has a garlic-like odor. It contains active ingredients like azadirachtin, nimbin, picrin, and sialin.

  1.  Neem can disrupt insect growth and feeding patterns, it is best used when insects are young and in early stages.
  2. Sprays take time to work so apply them frequently.
  3. Be sure to spray on both sides of the leaves.

Neem oil has a dual purpose in the vegetable garden as both a pesticide and a fungicide. It works on arthropod pests that often eat your vegetables, including tomato hornworms, corn earworms, aphids, and whiteflies. In addition, Neem oil also controls common fungi that grow on vegetable plants, including Mildews.

Alternate names: Margosa oil


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Weight 20.0 g

Foliar application, Organic Pesticides

15 reviews for Neem Oil (30ml)

  1. Anika Varma

    it is also gentle enough for most skin types

  2. Tanisha Joshi

    The 30ml Neem Oil is a natural and effective solution for various gardening and skincare needs

  3. Aarush Bhatnagar

    Natural Neem Oil

  4. Siya Joshi

    These Neem oil worked well on plants

  5. Pratibha patel

    Worked well on the plants

  6. Sahaja Kapoor


  7. Suvina Gupta


  8. Vishalpreet

    Loved the product

  9. _tanvibansal_ (verified owner)

    Effective product 👍👍

  10. Pragya Kumari (verified owner)

    It was so effective and beneficial to my plants. Satisfying

  11. tashvin

    it was very useful for my plants

  12. Arnav

    Very nice product

  13. Shriya Singh

    Beneficial product.

  14. Manasi Pandya (verified owner)

    I have used it twice now. It has amazing results. No flying pests or insects were observed after spray.
    Thank you !

  15. Manasi Pandya (verified owner)


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