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Gardening Talks ft. reemasgarden

Gardening Talks ft. reemasgarden It’s never too late to start gardening. If you are a beginner at gardening and all these plants overwhelm you and u can’t decide where and how to start then we have the perfect workshop coming up for you. Tune in to our YouTube channel and watch Gardening Talks with Miss […]

Gardening Talks ft. amulyaboondh

Gardening Talk ft. amulyaboondh For a gardener, the first step in gardening is the selection & conditioning of soil. Soil is the most important part of a plant’s life. As we all know healthy soil yields a healthy plant. So, a common question arises, what is the best soil and what does it comprise? Well, […]

Gardening Talks ft. _the_plantomaniac_

Gardening Talks ft. _the_plantomaniac When you are a gardener, you know how important soil is for plants. Soil plays the most important role in the healthy growth of any plant. So this weekend we are going to answer some interesting questions on the soil. Tune in to our YouTube channel to watch our Gardening talks […]

Gardening Talks ft. e_bageecha

Gardening Talks ft. e_bageecha Plants come in various varieties and colors. Having colorful foliage at home makes your garden more beautiful. This colorful foliage is called variegated species. These are very interesting plants, if u like to learn more about these plants, then join us this weekend as we will be answering some common questions […]

Gardening Talks ft. organicvibes4you

Gardening Talks ft. organicvibes4you Some plants give us food some flowers and some medicines. The most common medicinal plant that we find in most homes since ancient times is tulsi. This plant is grown for medicinal or religious purposes. We are going to answer some basic questions about the tulsi plant, so join us live […]

Gardening Talks ft. prtvyas

Gardening Talks ft. prtvyas All Plants are beautiful, be it flowering plants or thorny plants. Cactuses and succulents are beautiful in their way. If you are a cactus or succulent lover then join us in our next workshop where we will be answering a few common questions about these rare beauties. Tune in to our […]

Gardening Talks ft. the.plant_doc

Gardening Talks ft. the.plant_doc The best part of gardening is growing your own food at home organically and relishing it. So the question arises “how to start?”. If you are keen to grow your food and have a lot of questions on how and when to grow, then join us over the weekend to get […]

Gardening Talks ft. jean_plant_love

Gardening Talks ft. jean_plant_love Apart from growing and taking care of plants, plant parents find joy in collecting different species of plants and adding them to their plant family. The different colors of leaves are so beautiful to look at, they give a whole new color scheme to our green corner at home. So let’s […]

Gardening Talks ft. beleaf.in_

Gardening Talks ft. beleaf.in_ A plant lover can never have enough plants. They love to add one more extra plant to their collection or multiply their existing plants. There are many ways to multiply our garden plants. Propagation from cuttings is the easiest way to get many baby plants from one parent plant. We will […]

Gardening Talks ft. gardenwithher

Gardening Talks ft. gardenwithher We all love growing vegetables at home. And the pleasure of harvesting our home-grown organic veggies is surreal. Growing veggies in our kitchen window or balcony bring joy and add lovely greenery to our homes, but at the same time, it can be daunting for others leaving them with a lot […]