Workshop on Basics of Bonsai Art

Workshop on Basics of Bonsai Art

Bonsai (盆栽) is a beautiful art form in Japan that aims to blend horticultural skills with Japanese aesthetics. Its two kanji—bon (盆) meaning basin or tray and sai (裁) meaning planting—literally translate to “planted in a basin” or container. Bonsai trees are intended to bring the core aspects of nature – balance, harmony, and simplicity – into your home or workplace.

Being in nature nourishes us and feeds our souls. However, most of us don’t have space in our gardens to grow large trees or enough time to spend in woodlands. This is where bonsai comes in – we can keep numerous trees inside our homes or office, and they don’t need much space.

This Saturday we are coming with a qualified Bonsai Artist who has attended many workshops of Bonsai Masters like Peter Chan and Susumu Nakamura and Hirau Nakamura, who will teach us the art of making Bonsai. So join us this Saturday on 27th Nov 4-5 pm for our workshop based on “Basics of Bonsai to be with Nature” with our speaker Mrs. Shailaja Krishna. She has learned many Bonsai skills by talking and walking with Bonsai Masters of Japan, Thailand, USA, and Dubai. Through her Instagram page bonsaikapilaas she provides training material for Bonsai Enthusiast, sells Bonsai plants, conducts Bonsai training classes in the art of Bonsai for interested students, she also conducts group workshops which include Demonstrations and practical sessions and Terrarium making Classes are also held regularly. To learn more visit “bonsaikapilaas

Topics being covered:
1. Selection of Bonsai Plants
2. Pots styling
3. Wiring and shaping
4. Demonstration and making a Bonsai
5. Names of the Plants that can be made into Bonsai
6. Repotting, Maintaining a Bonsai

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The event will happen over Youtube Live and all the participants will be shared a link for the same. For queries write to us at or message us on Facebook.

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