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Workshop on Plant Care in Winter

The Winter season is here. Just like our skin needs special care in winters, so do our plants. For some plants, winters are a time when they go into hibernation. That means they can slow down their growth or even go completely dormant. The severely cold temperatures can sometimes send them into shock.

All these changes in plant life call for special care. There are various ways in which we can take care of our plants in winters. To learn more about it, watch this workshop that was conducted on Saturday the 20th Nov 4-5pm (IST) on “Plant Care In Winter” with our speaker Mrs. Archana Sen Kotwal. Being an Army wife she believes in creating a healthy and safe environment for every individual. Identified as MAGIC OF GREEN on Instagram, Archana is the name that drives the handle and runs it as an individual. Her love for Plants and creating magic out of them by being a unique DIY expert. She aims to flourish and reach out to people while ensuring the magic of green reaches each house.